Valentine’s Day: The Results

Well, my awesome-sauce plans went off pretty well last week, so overall I’ve had worse Valentine’s Days. I mean the whole day was a little bit of a drag just because I was exhausted because of having class all day plus the day before was super long because of getting up early for work and then going to  a Jeff Mangum concert that night. The concert was awesome by the way though, so worth the exhaustion! I took a couple of quick snaps of my outfit, just for funsies; the weather cooperated with me and was sunny so I didn’t freeze, plus I got to wear my aviators, which I think added a little something to the look, so that made me happy. So here it is…



The attitude is just off the charts on the first one, but I secretly kind of like it. Plus that eyebrow raise you guys. I mean I don’t know where it comes from, but it kinda makes me giggle inside =P Moving on though you guys, because food.


Behold, the makings of greatness. Holy cow. So here’s what happened; I’ve systematically been pilfering peanut butter from the dining hall for like the past week because I went through an 18 oz. jar in about 2.5 weeks (yeah, that and an entire thing of oreos as well – no judging!) so I decided that meal plans are expensive enough, I’m allowed to jack some extra peanut butter if I want to. I also had two cookies that I’d gotten that morning because the dining hall cookies are actually semi-decent, which is nice. I broke those up and then put them in with broken up pretzel sticks, peanut m&ms, a Crunch bar, a Twix bar, and some candy kisses. I put in a healthy dollop of peanut butter as well, because come on, why not? Then the whole thing got topped off with whipped cream.


Breathtaking, no? (Incidentally, my most exciting discovery of the week was that our campus convenience store thingy has cans of whipped cream. Win.) I polished off this whole bowl of bountiful stomach ache waiting to happen and of course felt totally disgusting afterward. It was lovely. I unfortunately didn’t get to watch a movie or even catch up on Castle that night because my internet was being ridiculously crummy, but the night wasn’t a total bust, I mean I managed to put probably an entire week’s worth of calories into one bowl and then eat the entire thing, so that’s an accomplishment, right?

Oh, and you guys know how I was all sad about not being able to make heart donuts? Well at work this morning one of the chefs brought in Dunkin’ Donuts for everyone, so I got the donut I’d been craving since last week. I still want to make donuts myself sometime just because, but for now that will hold me over and it kind of made my day. Speaking of things that have recently made my day, I completely forgot to tell you guys about a couple of things that showed up in my life last week; the first was waiting on my door last Monday when I got back from work.


ImageWay too cute, one of my floor mates left one at everyone’s door and yeah, good things.

Then the next day I got a care package from my mom and let me tell you, it is quite lively to open a box up and have this sight greet you.


A box full of coffee and chocolate. I mean what more would I need in life?


The Cutest Fascist Ever

Okay you guys, so I’m going to share a few things with you, but you’ve got to promise you won’t judge me for what I am about to tell you … promise? Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that was a yes. So as many of you lovely folks are probably aware, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and typically I fall into the category of grouchy, Valentine’s Day-despising single girls on this one day of the year. I mean it’s not actually that bad, but you get my point; I don’t do perky on a good day but on a day that’s all about celebrating that “special someone”, I will admit that I do sometimes hate on it. I mean while I am pretty awesome (and super modest too) I’m not perfect, you guys. Well this year I decided to put a positive twist on being single and make my Valentine’s Day into an awesome day celebrating the freedom of single life (cliché and something people just say to make themselves feel better? Maybe a little, but I don’t care because it’s going to be awesome). When I say this, I mean I actually legitimately took time to plan this out too; once I got one idea they just kept coming and now I’ve got a plan that I’m pretty stoked about.

So here it is: I mean basically I’m celebrating the fact that I’m single by looking super cute (I try to look cute on a daily basis anyways, but sometimes I do  just go the jeans and sweater route, especially if I’m tired or something). No slacking on V-Day though, I’m going to pull a shorts and tights look; don’t worry, I checked the weather and it’s supposed to not be too cold to deal with that so I’m going to go ahead and do just that. I also got the idea for a “fascist inspired” outfit, courtesy of one of’s riffs on the Get This Look sections that some magazines do. They’ve got funny ones inspired by things like sandwiches, baked goods, cannibals, and fascists, among other things. Hence the title of this post as well (bonus points for anyone who caught the Gilmore Girls reference). The fascist inspiration is also a weird way of me embracing my anti-romantic side, although I doubt anyone will look at me and be all “oh she looks like a fascist”, but that’s okay I’m doing it for me anyways, I guess I’m just a little selfish like that.

I won’t get out of class until 8, but it’s okay because even though I’ve got to get up ridiculously early (okay, so 5:45 could technically be worse I guess) for work on Friday, I’ve only got one class, so theoretically I can take the night off of doing homework and chill. I’m planning on forgetting for the moment that I’m a semi-poor college student and perhaps doing a small bit of online shopping as a way of celebrating the fact that I can buy my own stuff; I don’t need a whipped boyfriend to do it for me, I’m all self-reliant and stuff! (although just for the record, I’m not trying to bash like relationships or having BFs who buy you stuff, I’m sure that in many cases it’s just a nice gesture and because they want to, not because they’re whipped or anything)

After/during that, I will be consuming a ridiculous amount of chocolate and peanut butter in order to balloon up like a whale and begin my journey towards forever-aloneness…. I mean what, no, I’m totally going to be healthy and like … have a salad. Inspired by this chick, who is now my new hero Then maybe I’ll watch a movie; I’m stuck between something Disney, something sobering and borderline depressing, like Requiem for a Dream (SO GOOD, if you haven’t seen it, go do so. Now.), or just a total slasher flick. Decisions, decisions. While watching said movie though, I will work on some relaxing knitting, in preparation for life as a spinster, although by then I will of course be knitting with yarn spun from the hair shed by my 50 some-odd cats, but you know, I’ve got to start somewhere.

Post movie and spinster prep I will slip into a sugar induced coma and then sooner than I would like to think about even now, wake up for work, which will probably be an exercise in trying to not scare people with death-ray glances and withering glares. For the first time in a while though, I’m excited about Valentine’s Day you guys! (Expect a post with picture documentation of this madness)

The only thing that could make it even better?

A heart-shaped Boston Cream Donut. I happened across a recipe for them and would love ti make them. Alas, I can’t justify buying everything I would need to make these; there would be tons of leftover ingredients and I don’t know that I would be able to use them all up. I mean I could in time, but I can’t be baking 24/7 just to use stuff up, plus somebody would have to eat it all because there’s no way I could do so on my own. Well… I probably could actually, but obviously that would be kind of bad. However, here’s the link to the recipe, so you guys can make them and maybe I can live vicariously through you

It’s Here!

It’s been a while since I last posted but I’ve got big news this time you guys! Okay so here it is;  a few weeks ago I finally opened up a shop on Etsy! I’m pretty jazzed about this because I’ve been talking about it for a while now so finally getting that up was kind of awesome. It’s got all handmade things by yours truly and really they’re the things I’ve been playing around with for a while that I’ve kind of mentioned before; I’ve got some dream catcher earrings and necklaces and a bracelet, there are some resin dinosaur goodies, and I’m in the process of posting a couple of rings too, as soon as I get around to it. The idea with this was just that I love all of the things I post and making them makes me happy, so I figured other people might enjoy it too, or at least it was worth a try. For me things that are fun and unique are the best and hopefully my things can make other people happy as well, which would be awesome. You’ve got your whimsical, hippie-ish dream catchers, your fun cutesy dino stuff, and then other things to come in the future as well, so yeah, I’m hoping people will enjoy! Anyhow, that’s that, so here’s a link if anybody wants to check it out and if you like what you see, tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends – after all, sharing is caring. 

Gettin’ Crafty Up In Here

Hello my lovelies, it’s been a few weeks and I’m hoping you all enjoyed the holiday season and are still enjoying winter in general. I myself have been enjoying the break from school; I’ve been having some productive days and some lazy days, which has been pretty nice. I am in the process of actually setting up my Etsy shop, so while I know I said probably a few months ago that it was going to hopefully be up soon, school just took up way more time than I anticipated and it just didn’t happen. However, it looks like that is finally coming to fruition, which I don’t say lightly either because I don’t want to keep saying it’s going to happen an then have to come back and be all “just kidding guys”. In the mean time, I’ve also been doing some projects on the side, lots of drawing, lots of reading, and some crafty stuff too. My most recent project is one I just finished this afternoon, which I’m pretty jazzed about. I pulled out the sewing machine the other day to do some repairs on stuff that I’d been meaning to do for ages and then all of a sudden remembered a black zip-up that was in my closet that had been laying around for a while. I had gotten it with the intention of a very different project than what it actually became, but for some reason I never actually did anything. Instead, I was struck by inspiration and after a Saturday afternoon, a couple of hours today, some cutting, sewing, ribbon, and left over faux fur from Andrea’s Halloween costume (she was Ygritte from Game of Thrones, it was awesome), I now have a cute cropped hoodie.


I simply cut out the zipper, cut off the bottom half of the sweatshirt (there’s lots of trying on involved in this process for anyone thinking of trying something like it, you’ve just got to try it on, pin it, try it on, etc. because once you cut off half the shirt, it won’t be the same again). Then I hemmed it and then sewed a wider hem at the bottom to slide the ribbon through. I left the edges where the zipper had been attached raw because they weren’t messy or anything and I like the way it looks, so I went with it. For the hood I then just measured the existing hood, drew up a pattern, and cut the faux fur. I attached it with a bit of a roll-over on the outer edge so the fur was more prominent, and then sewed the bottom to where the existing hood attached. It’s a bit tricky to explain I guess, but with this kind of thing, I think it’s just trial and error basically. Very careful trial and error so you don’t make a permanent mistake. Pinning is also your best friend. I would suggest pinning everything to see how it looks both before and after cutting.


I’m super pleased with it though and it’s totally doable for anyone as long as you have a basic knowledge of how a sewing machine works and which end of a pair of scissors to cut with, so go forth and DIY your clothes! Just for the record though, this was a pretty cheap hoodie, I wouldn’t advise cutting up anything that cost you a lot or that you’re super attached to unless you’re really confident in your skills. Better safe than sorry. One last piece of advice – don’t settle for “good enough” just because it might make you life easier at the moment. If you’ve got a seam or something that’s a bit crooked and that bothers you a little, don’t just say it’s good enough and leave it as is. If you’re doing clothes, you want something that you’ll actually wear, so it’s worth taking the time to do it right, even if that means taking something out to do over. Anyhow, that’s my little life lesson for the day and hopefully I’ll be posting again soon to announce the opening of my Etsy shop! (Fingers crossed)

ALL the Baked Goods!

So it’s been a while since I’ve bored you guys with the random details of my life, but thankfully the semester’s out and I survived – yay! I’m also super jazzed to be transferring next semester so that’ll bring a lot of new experiences, which should be interesting. In the interest of sharing (because if I haven’t already pulled this line out for you guys, sharing is caring, unless it’s AIDS in which case … not so much) I bake when I’m home. I bake a lot. So here are some lovely catch-ups on my baking adventures, recipes included so we can all share in the baked-good love.

Also, just because I’m super awesome like this, I’ll start out with my backlog of baking from Thanksgiving break – yeah, this is gonna be a long one kids, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Over Thanksgiving I started the break out with a nod to my waffle obsession by making peanut butter waffles for breakfast on Wednesday morning. They were good, but I think I want to either find a different recipe or play around with the one I used because I feel like peanut butter waffles have potential to be really awesome and while the waffles I made were good, I just feel like they could be better somehow, so I’ll have to mess around with that some more.  Wednesday afternoon I started making whoopie pies, the same pumpkin peanut butter ones that I made over fall break and also when I went to visit Andrea a couple of weeks ago. I feel like they get better every time I make them too, which is awesome because they were one of  our desserts for Thanksgiving, so I wanted them to be really good since this was my first time going solo on a contribution to Thanksgiving. I mean I usually help a lot in the kitchen, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever made anything entirely on my own for this particular holiday before. While I was baking off the cookies for the whoopie pies, I started our applesauce too. I mean I just cut up the apples and put them on the stove with the various spices and such that we use and then I kept an eye on them to make sure they didn’t get burned or anything. Andrea finished the applesauce though, actually putting them through the hand crank food mill thingy, so it was a team effort. By the time that was all done it was time for dinner and I threw together a salad to go with our frozen pizza because we had some good stuff in the fridge so I figured why not. Okay so I know salad isn’t baking, but still it was actually good and I’m not really too big on salads either. It was really simple, just some spinach, dried cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese and then a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. That was Wednesday’s food adventures then of course we had Thanksgiving and more baking ensued.

I made the filling for the whoopie pies in the morning and filled them and then I pitched in on the dressing and rolls too. The dressing wasn’t a big deal, pretty straightforward chopping up some veggies, cooking them down a bit in vegetable stock and then mixing that deal with some spices and bread and more stock and baking the whole thing for a bit. The rolls were my other baked good contribution and I made the stuffed cheese buns that I also made over fall break I believe. They were such a hit the first time that we decided to make them part of our Thanksgiving and they went over really well with everyone, so that was pretty cool.



On Friday I made rolls again for dinner, using the pretzel roll recipe from Yammie’s Noshery that I’ve used before, but this time I took some spinach that we had left in the fridge, wilted that down with some olive oil and garlic, mixed that up with some feta cheese, and stuffed that into the rolls. I just baked them off as usual and they came out really good. I can say this with a good amount of confidence too since my brother gave them the seal of approval and he doesn’t like spinach or feta, so that’s big stuff right there.

Saturday I had cinnamon roll adventures. I was meeting up with some high school friends at 11 so before leaving I started some dough in our bread machine. Or so I thought. I’m going to be honest here, I had never actually used the bread machine before, I just make my doughs by hand, so I had no clue how the thing works and I don’t know what went wrong, but I came home to … well, not dough. I really had my heart set on cinnamon rolls though, so I found a recipe for quick rolls that didn’t need to rise for very long and whipped up some cinnamon rolls. So worth it too, they were pretty swell. I’m going to post the link to the recipe I used down at the bottom with links for my other recipes, but just for the record, I didn’t follow the icing directions at all. I basically just made up my own, consisting of:

about four ounces of honey walnut cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup of confectioner’s sugar

1 tsp. vanilla extract

A splash of milk

2.5 tsp. of honey

Just mix all of that together and pour it over your cinnamon rolls the second they come out of the oven – the heat makes it a bit more liquid-y and it spreads really easily so that it gets on all the rolls really nicely.



Moving on to post semester baking now; there will of course be much more baking over break, especially since Andrea is coming home either tonight or tomorrow, so of course much baking will occur when that happens. So far though, I’ve whipped up some pretty tasty stuff if I do say do myself. First I made a death by chocolate trifle for my mom’s birthday which was just ridiculous. Layers of brownie, pudding, and whipped cream, all from scratch. We got the worst stomach aches but it was so worth it. Don’t worry kids, I wouldn’t dare not share this one with you, so the recipe is down below.


Oh, and did I mention that I crushed up some heath bars to put on top? Yeah, I went there. All of these lovely components combined to form this beauty


The other day my mom and I made some peanut butter blossoms and I’d be lying if I said they weren’t the best we’ve made. We tried out a new recipe, courtesy of Yammie’s Noshery and it’s just ridiculously easy and crazy good – I mean who knew that flour just really isn’t necessary? Yesterday I did double baked goods goodness; I had a couple of old friends over for brunch-ish, so I made some whole wheat peanut butter muffins with chocolate chips and cheddar scones, both of which came out really well. I was pleased with the muffin recipe especially because it was a new one, so I wasn’t entirely sure how it would be but I figured not much can go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Plus they’re whole wheat so you’ve got fiber and protein and all sorts of good stuff going on in there – relatively healthy for a muffin.


Oh, and just for funsies, I think at one point or another I mentioned the ridiculously adorable apron I made a couple years ago that I like to wear sometimes when I bake. Well here it is kids, the least functional apron known to mankind – but so cute!


As promised, here are my recipes:

Peanut Butter Waffles:  …oops, just kidding, I actually didn’t keep that one, I’m on the hunt for a super fabulous peanut butter waffle. Don’t worry though, when I find it I’ll totally share.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies:

Stuffed Cheese Buns:

Pretzel Rolls:

Cinnamon Rolls: …uhh, this is awkward, I actually can’t track down a link to the recipe I used …

Death By Chocolate:

Peanut Butter Blossoms:

Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Muffins:

Cheddar Scones: I used the “Buttermilk Biscone” recipe from The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook and just threw in a handful of shredded cheddar cheese. Yum. Just a tip though, I don’t know if there’s really that much variance between ovens, but I found that baking the scones for 17 minutes was plenty, even though I think the recipe called for 20-24 minutes or something like that. Not sure if that would hold true for everybody, but just thought I’d throw that out there.

WIWT: I Just Had To…

I’ve seen this look a bit on the internet recently and in some cases it’s pretty cute, so I thought I’d give it a go; it’s the shorts, tights, and high heels combo. Now I know it sounds kind of weird, but I figured why not? Plus it just gives me another way to wear heels, which I love. I’m about 5’5″, so being “tall” for a day is always fun, plus I’m just a sucker for shoes anyways and heels are no exception. So here’s my take on the look:


I personally like it, so I think I might be playing with this look some more in the future. I only had classes today, so it’s not as though dressing cute was really called for, but I’ve reached the conclusion that I actually like putting together an outfit that I enjoy; it makes me feel good and even if it’s just for a casual day of class and homework, I don’t dress for other people anyways, I dress for me so if enjoying my outfit makes me feel good then there’s no reason to not just go for it.

Reasons to Love Fall

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

2. It’s the perfect time of year to wear the mini skirt, tights, cute boots combos that I’m perhaps a little too fond of (knee socks are optional here but usually a plus in my opinion)

3. Apple picking and all of the lovely things that accompany it – apple pie, home made applesauce, etc.

4. The colors; leaves changing are just gorgeous, which brings me to my next reason…

5. Jumping in leaves. Granted I haven’t done this in a while since I’m busy with school and don’t really have time to rake, plus my college is in a city so there’s not really an abundance of space in which to create a leaf pile, but when the opportunity arises it’s definitely fun to feel like a five year old again. Just try not to think too hard about what those leaves have been doing/where they’ve been.

6. Yesterday’s reason to love fall? Pumpkin peanut butter whoopie pies. The kitchen literally smelled like fall when these were baking, it was awesome. I stumbled across this recipe yesterday afternoon and was in the mood to bake but wasn’t quite sure what I felt like; not cupcakes, not cookies, I almost wanted to bake a cake, but that seemed like a bit much for just a random Sunday afternoon, so whoopie pies were actually the perfect solution. They’re as easy as baking cookies but the filling is reminiscent of frosting and the texture is more cake like than cookie-ish to me. It reminds me of when you are baking a layer cake and need to trim some cake off of the top of your layers so that they are nice and flat for stacking. Now in my house this was always a fun thing for us because our mom would save the scraps and then put a bit of frosting in between them and make little sandwiches out of it for us, so whoopie pies remind me of that a bit. They’re also just really cute for some reason I mean doesn’t a plate full of whoopie pies look so inviting and yummy? I sure think so.


Just fall foods in general are pretty swell I think – I’m not talking Thanksgiving here either, to be honest I don’t find the Thanksgiving-type foods too exciting, but things like my mom’s home made applesauce, apple cider, the aforementioned pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin – themed desserts, squash, etc. Autumn foods are just warm and cozy in a way, which I personally really enjoy. Andrea made us some roasted squash for dinner last night, and it was awesome. Super simple too, you just cut your squash in half, stick it in the oven for an hour-ish I think and then take the skin off and mix the insides together with some butter and brown sugar. That is literally all you need to do, but it’s so good.

Speaking of good food, tonight Andrea and I made dinner; she put together some awesome home made macaroni and cheese and I made stuffed cheese buns from a recipe I found on Yammie’s Noshery. Here’s the link and I’m telling you guys, I have yet to try a recipe from this girl’s blog that hasn’t been kind of fabulous and these were no exception. You make the dough and then wrap pieces of dough around chunks of mozzarella cheese and then you sprinkle even more cheese on top before baking them off. Here’s one that burst a bit in the oven and you can see the cheese just oozing out.


The recipe made about two dozen of these too, so there are plenty of leftovers to enjoy.

So Random

A couple of weekends ago when I went home, my mom mentioned that an older woman who goes to our church had given her something to pass on to me when my mom was over helping out with walking her dog the other day. I was naturally pretty curious because we’ve known this woman for a while and she’s definitely the type who has had a long, interesting life and is kind of a collector, so I bet she’s got some interesting things hanging around her house. She’s getting ready to move I think, so she’s been going through some things and when my mom and her were talking , somehow it came up that she had something that she wanted to go to a “good home” and someone who would appreciate it… so maybe it’s not something that most people would find exciting, but being the type to totally geek out about random artsy things, I was totally excited when my mom handed me a box of chalk pastels which were in gorgeous condition. They’re kind of old and stuff too, even though the pastels are like new, you can tell because the box is all aged, which is pretty cool in my opinion. I’m just the type to get excited about art supplies in general, but for some reason old art supplies seem that much more cool. It really is the little things in life sometimes.


There was also this piece of paper in the box telling about the “finest quality pastels”. So cool! (Like I said, I geek out about odd things sometimes. Just go with it)


So there you have it, for those of you who think it’s weird for me to get excited about this, I understand but I feel like somewhere out there are more people who would appreciate something like this, so this post is dedicated to you fine folks.

Resin Casting: The Test Run

I’ve been a little busy recently but I’ve still been able to work on some super cute stuffs, the most recent new thing being resin dinosaurs! After making dinosaur crayons I’m always conflicted about not wanting to actually use them because they’re just too cute, so I was thinking about that and if there was a way to make them into something other than just cute crayons that will just gather dust unless I actually use them and it occurred to me that I could make little resin dinosaur charms. I’ve played around with that a bit and lo and behold, I now have a couple of resin dinosaur key chains and charms to make into little dino necklaces if I like too. They are super adorable and actually present another use for my wide variety of nail polishes, which work nicely for coloring the resin. I’m getting pretty psyched to start up my Etsy and I’ve got a nice long weekend coming up because of Columbus day, so hopefully that’ll be really productive because I’m excited to share my cute stuff with the world.


Adorable, no?

Thrift Store Finds

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to visit my lovely sister and co. last weekend and while I was there Andrea and I ventured to a thrift store there which has some really good stuff if you’re willing to dig around for it and of course being a thrift store, the prices are very Broke College Student friendly, which is awesome. I managed to score a cute new t-shirt and a sweatshirt/hoodie/dress type deal which sounds weird, but don’t worry, pictures are coming showing you what the heck I’m talking about! First though I want to talk a little about this t-shirt because I later realized when I was washing it that it kind of really found me in a way… so here it is


The writing next to the girl says “no looking back”, but if you don’t look back (and into a mirror) then you miss the cute bird on the shoulder!


(just for the record, I typically abhor mirror pics, but I wanted  to make sure I got a decent shot of the bird, so I figured it wouldn’t kill me). The really cool thing about this t-shirt though is that it supports and organization called Gabriel House (which is what’s written under “Jedidiah” on the front) and the inside of the back it actually told about their mission and how they got started and everything.


Here’s a link to the Gabriel House website, so I encourage you guys to go and take a minute to read the story because it’s really touching and I think it’s pretty cool that this t-shirt ended up making its way into my hands.

On to the weird sweatshirt/hoodie/dress thing … so yeah, here it is as a dress


However, it can also unzip from the bottom so you can wear it as a cute hoodie over jeans or something. “Or something” is in this case a skirt because that was what I was wearing that day…


Cute and multifunctional, so that’s a score in my opinion!