Day One

Day One

I decided to start off this whole deal with a classic chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, partially because I love chocolate and partially because my sister and I just moved for the summer last week and don’t exactly have a ton of stuff to bake with in the kitchen yet. It is a bit different from your standard chocolate cupcake though because we were baking with one of our housemates who has a gluten allergy and also likes to experiment with vegan baking just for fun, so it’s a gluten-free, vegan chocolate cupcake. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about it, but they actually came out really well, so that was a pleasant surprise. The frosting however, is definitely not vegan; it’s a chocolate butter cream, which we didn’t have a recipe for, so I had to improvise until I got it right, although chocolate butter cream is pretty hard to mess up in my opinion. Overall, I would call this first day a success, although I kind of need to wrap up this post within the next five minutes before it isn’t today any more.


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