Today’s cupcakes are black and white Irish cream cupcakes with an Irish cream icing. The cupcake base is just made up of half Irish cream batter and half Irish cream batter with melted bittersweet chocolate added in. The recipe is one I found online, but I modified the icing a bit because it originally had no chocolate, which just didn’t work for me. What I ended up doing was just mixing confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and Irish cream until it looked and tasted the way I wanted it to. Now I know you’re supposed to wait until the cupcakes cool before you frost or ice them, but it’s Friday and one of my house mates was home at the time and we just couldn’t resist hot cupcakes right out of the oven, so they were a little messy to eat, but definitely pretty good if I do say so myself (I also got the seal of approval from said house mate, so that should count for something).


One thought on “P1010209

  1. You might want to use this plate again for a picture but with just one lovely cupcake so that everyone can see cupcake fairy (: looking yummy, I like the banner header with the St. Pat’s cupcake pic.

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