As promised, I have a second batch of cupcakes to post today to make up for not posting yesterday, so at quarter after 11 I finished making chocolate cupcakes with a mint chocolate filling and a mint icing. The thing with making cupcakes every day is that I can’t make a dozen cupcakes every day because then I would have more cupcakes around than I could eat, even with four house mates to help me out, so I’ve been cutting the recipes down to about six cupcakes, but sometimes that requires a little modification to make it work. It’s hasn’t really been an issue though, just required a little bit of math with this particular recipe because it was for a batch of 30 cupcakes which is definitely way more than I need. The icing was a little messy going on this time, probably because I once again got impatient and didn’t wait for the cupcakes to fully cool, but I kind of like the look of icing dripping down the sides a bit. It looks messy but in a good way, all gooey and inviting. Anyways, the way the cupcakes look doesn’t impact their taste, and that’s the important thing.


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