Today we had probably the first really hot day of the summer – I think the high was in the 90s and it was humid too, so that wasn’t too fun, although thankfully the house stays fairly cool, except for upstairs and the kitchen when one is trying to bake … which for some reason I felt the urge to do twice today, so the kitchen was nice and toasty. I made waffles from scratch this morning, which for some reason I’ve never done, I have always just used box mix. However, given my hardcore love of waffles, I figured it was time to make them from scratch. For my first time doing it I just used a basic recipe for plain waffles, but I slightly over-estimated how much flour we had left, so the batter was actually pretty thin. This made the waffles kind of flimsy and the texture wasn’t that perfect combination of golden and crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside that I like in my waffles, but they still tasted good. It’s definitely something I will try again sometime. Moving on to matters involving cupcakes; since I used the last of the flour and the closest convenience store didn’t have any, I made a flourless chocolate cupcake today. One of my house mates requested that I use up some limes she had hanging around before they go bad, so I put some lime zest and juice into the cake and then made a lime and cream cheese frosting. The thing is, I’m a total sucker for cream cheese frosting. That’s the whole reason I like carrot cake – I mean don’t get me wrong, carrot cake can be really good sometimes, but the cream cheese frosting just makes it in my opinion. Anyways, the fresh, zesty frosting complemented the cupcakes really well, although one thing to remember when it’s hot out is to refrigerate cream cheese frosting because it can go bad if left out and it would be a shame to have cream cheese frosting go to waste.


2 thoughts on “P1010250

  1. You little wack-a-do! It’s too hot to turn the oven on …. wonder if you can do a refrigerator cupcake, people do refrigerator cakes … maybe like an Oreo,cream cheese type thing,hmmm, any way nice writting.

  2. hmm, that does sound good…yeah, the heat isn’t too pleasant. Just goes to show how dedicated I am that I would continue to persevere even though I feel like I’m melting =P

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