A Hot Mess

A Hot Mess

Today was another hot one – I kind of feel like I’m melting just sitting here typing this in. We signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) recently and today was our first pick up for that, so we’ve got a lot of produce in the house. Therefore, carrot cake cupcakes! Plus it means that I got to make cream cheese frosting again, so I’m all for that. The cupcakes came out very moist and taste pretty great if I do say so myself. The frosting is of course delicious and the recipe I used was for “double decker” cupcakes, so I cut off the tops of the cupcakes and put a layer of frosting in the middle before replacing the tops and frosting the cupcakes. The only small issue was that this heat makes the frosting melt a little, so the cupcakes were pretty messy, but still delicious, so I’m happy with them. Plus they have carrot in them, so obviously they’re practically health food. Its win-win-win (I’m not sure where the third win comes from, but I’m sure it exists somehow).


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