Happy Friday!

The ridiculous heat seems to have finally broken and it’s actually pretty nice out today. It wasn’t so nice being woken up around 6:30 to the sound of painters very loudly moving ladders around (oh yeah, did I mention the house is being painted? well it is) and then waking up a little after nine to a painter literally right outside my window. Fun stuff. I think they’re almost done though, so that’s something to look forward to. I’m also glad for the slightly less humid weather because humidity makes my hair do funny things. For example, this morning I woke up to my hair doing an obnoxious Bieber swoop type thing and I was all “hair, thou fickle friend, why must you do this to me”. Thankfully it was fixed easily enough and my hair and I are cool again (short haired girl problems man, you never know what’s gonna happen up there). That might’ve been more of a result of sleeping than the actual humidity though … oh well, humidity messed with baking and frosting and such too, so either way it’s good that it’s gone for now. Anyways, today’s cupcakes are going to be a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting (yeah, I haven’t actually made them yet but don’t worry, a picture will come when I do, I just felt like sharing some tidbits on my life right now because sharing is caring). It’s pretty hard to go wrong with that combination, unless there’s a peanut allergy involved which would be really unfortunate. The nice thing about today is that I also don’t have to mess around with math because I get to make a full batch of 12 cupcakes, so yay for that! The reason is that we’re having people over tonight since my sister’s boyfriend got a grill for his birthday and therefore grills pretty much anything he can get his hands on. This resulted in him buying a large package of burgers from Wegmans and therefore we’re having a couple people over to help eat said burgers tonight, which means that I can also make more cupcakes because we have people to force them on! The only thing is it kind of looks like it might rain, but I’m hoping not … or that if it does then it stops in a reasonable amount of time for us to still be able to grill tonight. Oh, something else worth mentioning, the chocolate Irish cream frosting on last Friday’s cupcakes was apparently a really big hit – my house mate’s boyfriend said the other day that he still thinks about it, so even though the cupcakes themselves came out a bit iffy, I think I can officially say that the frosting was awesome. I guess it came out more like a ganache technically, but either way it was a success. Plus I’ve finally gotten the hang of the gas oven, so my cupcakes have been turning out good as far as texture goes and I think I’ve gotten back my skill for cupcakes. I was a little worried that I’d lost it at first, but it’s back now so life is good again.


One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. Hey Epic Baker where’s the pic of the day? We demand beauty shots…nice lighting groovy plates,oh hey you could put them on artwork ooohooh get Watson to hold a cupcake okay good job to you

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