Today I made key lime pie cupcakes and Jo (one of my house mates – not sure why I haven’t been using names, it honestly doesn’t make a difference, it’s not like people are gonna stalk our lives or anything … therefore, I’m just going to start using names because it’s easier) reported that they were the best ones yet, which is pretty cool. They got all around good reviews and while I agree that the taste factor was decent, I thought the texture of the cake was a bit off. The way I did these was to make a graham cracker crust on the bottom, then a plain cake with just some lime zest in it, and then a lime curd on top. I’ve never made a curd or whatever before, but it was really simple and really good too, so that was a success. I was going to make some whipped cream to top things off, but the heavy cream got used up so that didn’t happen. I feel like it wasn’t too much of a loss though because the cupcakes were still good and it went to a good cause, which was a chowder that Jo and Andrew made with crayfish.
Yup, there’s a first for everything, that’s for sure. A few of us went swimming today at a creek near-ish the house and the guys spent most of the time catching crayfish. It was actually kind of impressive, I think we estimated that they got around 20 or so, plus then they caught about a dozen teensy minnow-ish fish (possibly minnow-ish, I actually have no idea but that’s what I’m going with). The fish weren’t to eat of course, that would’ve been kind of ridiculous. Those got put into the fish bowl with the three goldfish that my sister (Andrea) and Andrew (her boyfriend) have already. The crayfish however got cooked by Andrew and then peeled (or whatever the equivalent of that is for crayfish) and put into a chowder, which was very good according to him and Jo. The rest of us opted for pasta instead which was very good, as pasta usually is. Of course I’m not particularly picky, I’m fine with just throwing some cheese on it and calling it a day, but our friend Garrett made the pasta for us with some olive oil and garlic – pretty straightforward but really really good. Overall it was a nice chill ending to a good weekend.


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    • nah, but I figured they’d be okay with it. It can’t hurt plus it was getting a bit tedious writing out a big explanation for who everyone was whenever I wanted to refer to someone, so I just kind of scratched that…

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