I didn’t get to making today’s cupcakes until about 11:00, which is why technically I’m late in posting this and they are actually yesterday’s cupcakes. However, regardless of that, wrapping up the day with midnight brownie cupcakes was really good. They’ve got a thick fudge-y frosting that might not necessarily look too appetizing but was pretty delicious. Plus Andrea, Andrew and I ate them hot out of the oven, which is always great. It also occurred to me that brownie cupcakes are a pretty genius invention, at least if you’re like me and prefer the corner pieces of brownies. Brownie cupcakes are basically all corner pieces, which is pretty awesome in my mind. Just a random update, the internet at the house has been a little iffy lately and while it hasn’t impacted my blogging (besides making this particular post take about 20 minutes longer than it should) and I don’t think it will in the future either, I just wanted to apologize in advance if it does, so that’s what’s going on at this end of the world…


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