Soooo, today I took the classic chocolate chip cookie and turned it into a cupcake! Which sounds like more work then it actually was – Jo had a recipe for chocolate chip cupcakes w/chocolate frosting, so all I did was follow said recipe, just like I’ve been doing basically. However, it was still yummy and satisfying, so yay for that.
Now for story time because I have an important life lesson to share… Yesterday I was wandering around in nature and decided to just kind of chill in a tree and listen to music for a while. Okay, so I just realized how that probably sounds and no, I don’t do drugs or anything, that’s honestly just how I roll. Anyhow, so I was hanging out in this tree and I kind of dozed off for a bit and because of that my back has been killing me all day. The moral of the story here is that even though it might sound cool to sleep in a tree or whatever, your back probably won’t thank you for it the next day, so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and avoid that situation.
Just another update because this is something that I was super jazzed about this morning and therefore it might come up again in the future – so a fun fact about me is that I’m into art; mostly I just draw, but I like to mess with other artsy things as well and this morning I had what I thought was an awesome idea for a mixed media type piece. There’s kind of a back story to the whole concept that I’m not going to get into, but the timing of this piece and just the whole idea of it feels really right at the moment and I think it’s just what I need, so I’m pretty psyched about it honestly. The reason I mention this is because a) I just felt like sharing since sharing is caring and b) I’ll probably post a picture when I’m finished, so I guess this is a bit of a teaser for that or something… yeah, okay I’m not sure about that, but the sharing is caring thing’s legit!


2 thoughts on “P1010313

  1. I love waking up in the morning and in your head is your next piece of finished art and you can not wait to get to your studio,where ever you make art,and get to it!!! Often you rework the piece as you go because it’s all about the process but sometimes it’s just there for you…make it happen …

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