I learned an im…

I learned an important lesson this morning; wash off your makeup at night, otherwise you will wake up looking like a trashy raccoon. Just kidding guys, I already knew that and usually am good about sticking with it, I was just feeling particularly lazy last night and therefore neglected to do that before sleeping. Anyhow, hopefully everyone’s Saturday was lovely, personally mine was pretty swell. I think I mentioned last Monday or so that my laptop broke and I have an update on that situation. So I shipped it home … and then a couple days later shipped home the power cord because I was a smart cookie and forgot to do that initially. After those all got to the same place though, my dad was able to fix my computer, so I once again have my little bitty laptop back. Unfortunately I did lose everything I had on it, which was a lot of pictures and some other random stuff as well, but at least I didn’t have to get an entirely new computer, which was definitely a relief.

More randomness – I have an industrial piercing and I have a couple of different barbells for it just for fun and one of them has a cupcake on it! I’ve had all of them for a while now since I got the piercing back in September and the three different barbells shortly after, but I didn’t even think about the cupcake one in relation to this blog until a couple days ago.


See, super cute! (and yes, I do know that it’s a ginormous picture of my ear, I don’t do face pictures so that’s the deal there)

Now for those of you who are all “well gee this is nice but what about the cupcakes?”, patience angel faces, all in good time. Today’s cupcakes were … well, kind of a fail to be perfectly honest. The thing is, I actually followed a recipe 100% and everything and they just came out not how cupcakes are supposed to come out. They were chocolate pumpkin cupcakes, which sounds really weird but actually tasted good, but in the oven this kind of happened …


I’m no expert, but I know cupcakes aren’t supposed to look like that. However, we still had cupcakes today, we ended up stopping at Stewart’s and getting some mint chocolate chip ice cream and putting that on our sad, mutilated cupcakes and it was really good.


So even though the cupcakes came out a little strange looking, they still tasted good and we salvaged them with ice cream so that we didn’t have to waste cupcakes, because that would’ve been pretty awful. Luckily that particular crisis was averted.


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