Oh Monday … I actually can’t really complain about today being Monday because it was a pretty swell day really. I bought a nice big canvas yesterday and started my mixed media piece that I was struck by inspiration for the other day and so far it’s coming out well, I’m really happy with the way it’s going. I also had another moment of inspiration for a mixed media companion piece of sorts and I found a smaller canvas that I had forgotten about that will be perfect for my second piece, so that was pretty cool actually. We also went to see some fireworks earlier tonight, which was fun and chill.
Today’s cupcakes are triple chocolate cupcakes – they have cocoa powder in the batter as well as chopped up milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chunks mixed in. The frosting, which is actually more of an icing is a coffee butter cream, which went very nicely with the triple chocolate. Of course I might be a bit biased since I am somewhat of a coffee junkie, but the cupcakes got good reviews all around, so that was good. (by the way, there’s totally a Magic game going on in the background of this picture, because we’re awesome like that obviously).


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