Sooo this morni…

Sooo this morning I made an awesome discovery; I found some old henna powder from I don’t even know when, but I mixed it up and it still worked, so while we were all just chilling earlier, I covered my right thigh in henna!


It came out a bit light because I got impatient and flaked the paste off relatively soon after it dried, but I think it still came out cool looking, especially since I’ve never done henna before, so I was kind of surprised that I was actually able to make something that looks halfway decent.

Speaking of things that look halfway decent, today’s cupcakes … well … they didn’t. Sometimes ugly cupcakes  just happen. I think the problem was that I used silicone cupcake molds to cut back on the number of paper wrappers used, save the environment, etc, except that the cupcakes overflowed a bit which made them awkward to get out of the molds and so this happened …


They still tasted good though, so there’s something to be said for that I think. They were coffee cake cupcakes, so if I recall correctly, the cake was plain but with some Greek yogurt thrown in and then there’s streussel-y stuff in the middle and a bit on top, which is just chopped up walnuts, melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. You can’t really see it in the picture because it kind of disappeared, but there’s also a little bit of glaze-type stuff on top, just because.


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