Today’s cupcakes are kind of a mash-up of a couple different concepts, but they came out yummy, so it’s cool. The cake recipe I used was for a maple pecan cupcake, but Jo is allergic to pecans and I don’t think we even have any in the house, so I chopped up some walnuts and then some almonds as well, just for funsies… Then I melted some semisweet chocolate and put that on top, which I have to credit Jo for suggesting. The frosting is a maple syrup butter cream and since it was cinnamon maple syrup, it then seemed appropriate to dump some cinnamon on top, so that’s what the speckle-y things are. The butter cream was having issues being a normal butter cream consistency because today was a little toasty out (and by a little toasty, I mean it was hot and being in the kitchen baking definitely didn’t help with that), but it went on alright and tasted fine, it was just a bit melty is all. I honestly don’t have a problem with that though, it makes the cupcakes all gooey and messy, which for some reason seems to make them taste better.


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