PS … I Made This (a Crafty Friday)

Besides baking and art, I’m also into other crafty type things like knitting and sewing and earlier this week I finished knitting my first sweater! I’ve been knitting for years now but was always intimidated by the idea of making a sweater and never got around to it, but I found a pattern that I just had to try, plus it was knit on large needles and with chunky yarn, which made it go faster than your average sweater. Of course it’s the middle of the summer and the weather is a bit toasty so I haven’t gotten the chance to wear it out and about yet, so until I actually get the chance to do so, I’ll have to post a picture to show off my hard work. Image

I love that it’s also super soft so it’s cozy but still looks cute, which is something I always look for in clothes.

In other news, we got bok choy in our CSA box yesterday and Jo and I discovered that when you cut the leaves off, the remainder is a kind of cool shape that you can use as a stamp type thingy.


I love it when cool stuff like this occurs naturally, it’s like it’s just waiting to be discovered and appreciated or something. I also think I could totally incorporate this into and art project or something, it definitely has potential for coolness.

Now on to matters of cupcakes …


Not the prettiest one ever, but they’re s’mores cupcakes so what they lack in looks, they make up for in general awesomeness. I achieved a s’mores effect by making a graham cracker crust on the bottom, then chocolate cake in the middle, and topping the whole thing with a marshmallow. For the cake portion I used the good old Emergency Chocolate Cupcakes recipe, which I realize I have already used, but I figured this would be acceptable because the recipe I found online for s’mores cupcakes used box cake mix, which we don’t have, plus I like making things from scratch, so I used my own chocolate cake recipe. There are also two pieces of Hershey’s milk chocolate inside the actual cupcakes so I figured that would help to justify my reuse of a cake recipe. After the cupcakes finished baking, I put a large marshmallow on the top of each one and then stuck them under the broiler for a few minutes until the marshmallows were nice and golden and then I sprinkled some extra graham cracker crumbs over the top. Needless to say it wasn’t exactly like an actual s’more, but for a cupcake adaptation, I think they were pretty darn good.


2 thoughts on “PS … I Made This (a Crafty Friday)

  1. Your sweater looks sooo cute on you! Congratulations and well done. Who took the picture and where are more henna shots?? Cupcakes look fun (and gooey messy 🙂

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