Today’s cupcak…

Today’s cupcakes… were kind of awesome. Zach (our other housemate … have I mentioned him yet? well I am now, so now you know everyone who’s living here) got strawberries yesterday and said they were fair game for use in cupcakes, so I was trying to think of the perfect way to use them and really maximize their wonderfulness and while I was staying up painting last night, I was struck by inspiration at 2:30 in the morning. Cheesecake cupcakes. The perfect way to use strawberries, because cheesecake is just a wonderful invention, I kind of love it (and by “kind of” I mean I really really love it because it is amazing).


There’s a vanilla cupcake base, just to kind of hold things together, but the real stars here are the chocolate cheesecake top and the awesome strawberry sauce I made. I hate to toot my own horn, but it was undeniably awesome. There were no survivors. The strawberry sauce was really simple too, I just chopped up a few strawberries and threw them on the stove with some sugar and vanilla extract, cooked them for about five minutes, and then put about half of it through a food processor before mixing it back together so there were still some chunks of strawberry in it. Oh, and in regards to the random hand in the photo, that’s our friend Garrett, who thought he was just going to just photobomb and get away with it. Little did he know that I’d actually use the picture just for the heck of it, so the joke’s kind of on him on that one. Hey, it happens right?


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