The Best Laid Plans

Today’s cupcakes … well, they kind of reminded me of the time a couple weeks ago when my cupcakes collapsed because that’s pretty much what they did. In hindsight, I completely understand what happened and why the cupcakes caved in though, so I’ll be able to avoid that in the future in theory. The goal for today was to use strawberries again because when I used them the other day, Zach never actually showed up, so he missed out, so I said I would make it up to him and do more strawberry cupcakes. However, I didn’t want to just do a strawberry cupcake because I felt like using chocolate, since I love chocolate and it goes really well with strawberries. I wanted to change it up a bit though from just your typical chocolate cupcake because I feel like I’ve done that couple of times and I don’t want to be boring or anything, so I thought it would be cool to work in pudding because pudding is great and I thought it would make the cake have some good texture. I ended up finding a recipe for cake that didn’t use any eggs, so I tried that out just for funsies and then I made pudding from a box but beefed it up a bit by mixing in coffee, some cocoa powder, and a little vanilla extract, just to make it even better than it already was. I layered the batter and the pudding and then swirled the whole deal with a knife and popped them in the oven… and when I pulled them out and let them cool, the centers caved in. Texturally they were still good though and the pudding did add something to the actual cake, so I figured I could work with caved in cupcakes and make them into something delicious. I sliced a strawberry into the center of each cupcake because strawberries are delicious as is, so i didn’t really see a reason to mess with their natural flavor. I had some heavy cream left over from the caramel I made for Monday’s cupcakes, so I used that to make whipped cream and that’s what I topped the whole mess off with.


So good!

I also did some henna on Andrea and Andrew earlier tonight and on Garrett last night, so I’m going to take pictures tomorrow and share my handiwork because I’m pretty pleased with how they all came out. I also did a little bit on my hand and there’s still some left over so I’m going to ask Andrea to do some on my shoulder tomorrow, so there’s just all sorts of henna going on here. I’m surprised by how far it goes because the stuff I bought had about 4grams of powder and with that I’ve done three decent sized “tattoos” and covered the back of my hand and some of my wrist with designs and there’s still extra, so that’s pretty cool. I feel like you really get a lot of bang for your buck with henna, which is nice. Anyways, yeah, pictures of that to come so stay tuned!


One thought on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Looks like good gooey yumminess … yummy, gummy … got more little gummy bears at target this morning,someday you can make cupcakes that the camp bisco crowd would gobble down hehehe. Henna pictures please!

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