So Flippin’ Wholesome

Today’s cupcakes were a take on peanut butter and jelly (which in my mind is about as wholesome as it gets, hence the title … no? well it’s late and I’m tired, so brilliantness just isn’t happening at the moment). I actually found two recipes that I liked for peanut butter and jelly cupcakes so I’ll be doing another take on that in the future, but it’ll be different enough to not be a cop-out or anything. The recipe I ended up going with was for a beet and berry cake with a peanut butter butter cream. It’s Thursday (in case anybody didn’t catch onto that yet) so we got a box of veggies from the CSA and there were beets in it this week so when I stumbled across a PB&J cupcake recipe that used beets I figured I might as well give it a shot. The way it worked was I just peeled and cubed a beet, boiled it until it was soft and then pureed it with milk and mixed it into the batter, which also had some frozen berries that I revived by cooking with some sugar and lemon juice. Then I mashed them up with a spoon and mixed the whole mess into a cupcake batter. The thing I love about the beet is that it turned everything a really pretty color. After I’d pureed it with a bit of milk I made a comment to Andrea that I wanted to dye my hair that color and if I could find hair dye in that color I totally would. Hmm… I could probably make that happen actually … Anyways, the color of the actual cupcakes is slightly different but still pretty … take a look and judge for yourselves though


There’s one odd cupcake with a paper wrapper because I’ve been using the silicone baking cups to save on wrappers but there are only six of them and I accidentally made too much batter.

I also finally organized our produce drawers in the fridge and wrote out a list of what’s in each and taped them to the drawers because before we were just kind of guessing and digging around until we finally tracked down what we wanted or discovered that we actually didn’t have it anymore, so the organization made me happy at least. Plus I discovered that we have a whole grapefruit just randomly hanging out in there. Who knew? In our CSA box we also got some zucchini and summer squash so for dinner I made some zucchini “pancakes”, which were pretty good if I do say so myself. Andrew also made normal pancakes which were of course also good. I mean who doesn’t love pancakes? Sometimes I can’t think of why people would want to eat anything besides breakfast food and desert, but then I remember that pasta exists. Anyways, I do believe I promised that henna pictures would be forthcoming, however I forgot to take pictures of the ones I did on everybody else but I did snap a few of my own hand, so here they are ….




I had to get a couple because it goes around my hand and wrist, but I think I managed to get the whole thing. Just for the record, the random bits on my thumb aren’t part of the design, those are from when I was doing hennas on everybody else because it would build up on the tip of the bottle so I had to wipe that off every once in a while. Now that I think of it though, I could probably do some random swirly type stuff there and make it look like part of the design … something to consider I suppose. Of course it’s not going to last terribly long on my hand anyways because I realized today that I am constantly washing my hands (being sanitary is pesky like that). Anywho, that’s all for now kids, so see you on Friday the 13th (yeah I like Friday the 13th, I’m one of those. It happens).


3 thoughts on “So Flippin’ Wholesome

  1. You have mad skills! We do like Friday the 13th…. mommy was 13 on Friday the 13th , and so was your great Aunt Pat and well you love us so…

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