Catching Up

Well dear ones, after a few missed days of blogging, I have both good news and bad news on  this lovely Monday afternoon. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first; I braided my bangs last night to get them out of my face while I was sleeping but I didn’t feel like washing my hair or even straightening it this morning so my bangs have mad kinks going on up there. However, the good news is that even though I didn’t sit down and blog at all this past weekend, I made cupcakes on all three days, so I’ll be sharing about those now and then checking in later with today’s cupcakes so it’s like quadruple cupcake day!

Friday’s cupcakes were an experiment to see if I could successfully make beer cupcakes and …. well, they kind of did the sinking thing again so I’m guessing I could’ve added a bit more flour/ made the batter less liquid-y. The flavor was interesting though, they were chocolate beer cupcakes and the beer flavor was kind of subtle but overall they still tasted good. i also wasn’t exactly successful in making a because frosting because I wanted to just play it kind of safe and go for a beer butter cream but the butter got a little too melted coming to room temperature and then with the addition of beer the liquid to solid ratio was completely off. I could have just kept adding confectioner’s sugar until it was the right consistency, but then there would have been a ton of frosting and all of the beer flavor would have been lost and it would have just tasted like sugar. I mean I wasn’t trying to get a super beer-y frosting because I feel like that could have gotten slightly gross but I felt like if I was trying out things I might as well try and make the whole beer butter cream thing work out. It didn’t. I think I ended up adding arrow root, which is a thickener … that didn’t actually thicken anything and I also threw in some Hershey’s chocolate sauce at one point because we have it and I just didn’t even know what to do. In the end I just kind of gave up and used the liquid “frosting” and the cupcakes were a total mess to eat but they tasted kind of okay. I mean I don’t love the taste of beer to begin with, but they were alright and they got more favorable reviews from the rest of the house, so I’m not sure if they were just being nice or what. Anyways, here’s the picture of my derpy chocolate beer cupcakes.


Saturday’s cupcakes were more successful and were another interesting experiment. They were green tea cupcakes and the cake had a bit of cocoa powder in it, but the chocolate flavor didn’t overwhelm the green tea flavor, they actually worked really well together. The frosting looks a little odd because I basically made a butter cream with a tea bag dumped into it, but it tasted really good and I didn’t find any issues with the texture once it was on the cupcakes.


Lastly we have Sunday’s cupcakes, which might have been the best ones of the weekend. Those were another take on a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. This time I did a peanut butter cake and while that was in the oven I took some frozen berries because we didn’t have any jelly and I cooked those down with some sugar and lemon juice. Then when the cupcakes came out I let them cool until I got bored waiting then I scooped out the middle of each one and put the berries in. Then I melted some bittersweet chocolate and mixed that up with some peanut butter and Hershey’s chocolate sauce, just to get the consistency I wanted (plus because it’s delicious). I put that over the berry middles and then made a peanut butter butter cream and put that all around the outside.


The picture online looked prettier but I didn’t feel like using a ziploc bag to pipe the frosting on because then I would’ve had to wash it out to reuse (I mean it just feels so wasteful to use it once like that and then trow it away). Laziness aside though, it doesn’t actually matter what they looked like because they were really really good, so what they are lacking in looks, they make up for in taste for sure.

Well there you have it, my weekend in cupcakes! Okay yeah, I did other stuff obviously, I do occasionally have a life besides just baking all the time, it was just a pretty chill weekend. Oh, actually Friday night I did a wee bit of henna of my foot just for kicks and giggles, so I snapped a picture of that earlier.


Kind of a weird angle now that I’m actually looking at this picture, but you get the idea.


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