Just Another Manic Monday

It actually wasn’t too manic, there was just some stuff going down at the house earlier but it happens and we’re handling it, so no worries. However, today’s cupcakes were life’s way of pointing out that I need to do a grocery run ASAP and tomorrow is supposed to hit 97 degrees, so that’s going to be happening when I have to be out and about getting things done. Needless to say it’s been agreed upon that meeting up to go swimming after everybody gets out of work tomorrow just kind of needs to happen. Anyways, I managed to successfully pull off a batch of cupcakes, even with slightly limited supplies and they were quite good. They’re chocolate chip cookie dough and the cake portion kind of messed with your mind because it actually tasted like a chocolate chip cookie, but it was cake. Sounds weird but it was so good! There was also a filling but since I didn’t have sweetened condensed milk, I just kind of fudged the recipe a little and the filling was basically just butter, brown sugar, and chocolate chips. The frosting was a brown sugar butter cream and then I finished it off with mini chocolate chips on top. The filling and butter cream were so awesome too, I don’t know why but the combination of melted butter and brown sugar is just ridiculous.


Unfortunately the frosting was a little sparse because I actually ran out in a shocking turn of events, but they didn’t really need a lot of frosting, it just messed with the visual aesthetics of the cupcakes a little bit. Oh well, they were still pretty swell so yay for that.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. Do you know the 80’s song your title references?? Hope your getting up and getting your groceries before it reaches horrible high heat … Lex and I are on our way out the door, it is beautiful here right now.

  2. your such a good writer I didn’t know if you happen to have made it up and it came out like a song … your that good

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