She’s my Cherry Pie?

Eh, not so much but Cherry Pie is totally a good song and I made cupcakes last night, I just didn’t blog about them at the time because I had a job interview this morning that I wanted to be well rested for, so that’s the story there. So yesterday’s cupcakes were cherry coke cupcakes, hence why Cherry Pie popped into my head (because cherry pie, cherry coke, cherry coke cupcakes, obviously the same thing right?). The cupcakes were … interesting … Taste-wise they came out pretty good, the whole process was just interesting because I don’t drink soda much at all, just because it’s all empty calories and sugar so I don’t really see a reason for it. I mean that’s not to say that I’m actually a healthy eater or anything, far from it; my family likes to call me the vegetarian that doesn’t eat vegetables because I’m kind of picky about them so my diet is mainly bread, pasta, and cheese. Oh, and desserts – that’s why I don’t waste calories on soda, I’m saving them up for yummy baked goods! My point is … wait, did I have a point? Oh yeah, the point is I don’t drink soda but I do actually like the taste of cherry coke, so I figured a cherry coke cupcakes would be worth trying out. The cake had a little cocoa powder and cherry coke in it so the flavor in that was kind of subtle, not overtly cherry coke-ish. Then I did a filling of chopped up maraschino cherries and the syrup to make the middles of the cupcakes super moist. Honestly I’m not crazy about maraschino cherries because they tend to be way sweet, but the cake wasn’t too sweet so it kind of balanced them out. Then the frosting had to happen and that’s where things started to get interesting. The original idea was to do a whipped cream frosting, which Garrett volunteered to help with so I didn’t have to whip the heavy cream myself, which was sweet because I got to chill and eat my dinner while he did that since for some reason I had skipped the whole eating thing earlier. Anyways, I kind of have a thing against reading directions, so I skimmed them and must have misread them because I added coke to the whipped cream which apparently you’re not supposed to do. Basically somehow we ended up making butter. I mean on one hand it’s kind of cool that we just randomly made butter by accident, but on the other hand, you can’t really frost cupcakes with butter (believe me, we tried … it was odd). We ended up saving the butter which I’ll probably use in another cupcake sometime and thankfully there was some heavy cream left over so for take two, we just did a regular whipped cream and I made a cherry coke “glaze” which was cherry coke and some confectioner’s sugar to thicken it up a little bit. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea of mixing coke with sugar and pouring it over the cupcakes, but I wanted to get some more of the cherry coke flavor in there so I just went with it. They ended up tasting good though, so even though there were a couple of bumps in the road, it ended well. Oh and the other thing that I forgot about it that the recipe I used didn’t say what the yield was so I did a third of it but it still made about 10 cupcakes so some of them had wrappers since we only have 6 of the silicone molds and therefore ran out.


Here they are post-passing the plate around the living room, hence why there are only six even though I just said it made ten. I actually wasn’t lying about that, just took the picture a little late.

So I haven’t decided on a cupcake for today yet but as I type this post, I am dying my hair … remember how I said I wanted to find hair dye the color of the batter for the beet and berry cupcakes I made last week? Well yesterday I did groceries and there was a Sally Beauty Supply right there so I splurged a teensy bit and let myself get hair dye because I found a color that should turn out the color of the batter. I’d also dyed my hair just a couple weeks or so ago but it had already faded a lot so I kind of wanted to fix it up anyways. Because it’s obviously totally normal choose a hair color based on cupcakes you made … oh well, that’s just how I roll so hopefully it comes out looking good!


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