Ugh, so I again…

Ugh, so I again neglected to post yesterday’s cupcakes on the actual day that they were made. I’m going to get back to doing that, it’s just been kind of a weird week I guess. On the plus side, my hair dyeing adventure yesterday afternoon was a success and I now have awesome beet red bangs, which sounds weird but I’m totally loving the color. I also trimmed my bangs because they were getting way too long or, as my brother would say, I was getting an emo swoop. He would then inform me that I could get lazy eye by wearing my hair that way, which I guess is actually a legit concern, it just seems weird. My problem was that my bangs were just always getting in my eyes and it was kind of annoying. The new color plus the trim has got them looking good again though, so yay for that.

On to cupcakes; yesterday’s cupcakes were a bit iffy at one point because I got distracted by about a million different things while they were baking and kind of forgot about them so they were a bit overdone but luckily they didn’t come out super dry or anything. I mean they definitely could have been pulled out of the oven a few minutes earlier, but they were still edible and tasted good, so it could have been much worse. I think what helped was that they were nutella cupcakes and the way I did the cake was to make a plain cake batter and then just swirl a spoonful of nutella into each cupcake, so I think that may have effected their baking a little bit too, which turned out to be a good thing. The frosting was a nutella butter cream but it originally tasted way to sweet for my liking so I added a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder and that did the trick. It was pretty awesome.


(There’s only five here because Andrea and I had to try one first to make sure they weren’t horrifyingly overdone)


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