None … Plus Five

I have been drinking so much coffee in the past few days it’s kind of ridiculous. I mean normally I’m a total coffee fiend anyways but I usually cut myself off before it gets out of hand.Yeah, that hasn’t been happening lately. Hence the title, which will probably be lost on most people but it’s a Gilmore Girls reference that I just couldn’t resist. It’s from the pilot episode during which no time is wasted in establishing that Lorelai and Rory are hardcore coffee addicts. I’m not as bad about it as they are, but I feel like I’ve been getting there. Anyhow, after missing a few days, I’m back with cupcakes to post about. I did actually forgo baking cupcakes on Thursday because it was kind of a long day and then cupcakes just didn’t happen and then yesterday was a long day too and cupcakes almost didn’t happen but then I somehow rallied at like 2:30 in the morning and made cupcakes. I think it may have been some residual energy from the massive amounts of coffee I’d been drinking all day, but somehow I just felt like baking and I didn’t feel like missing cupcakes two days in a row, although technically it was 2:30 this morning, but I count those as Friday’s cupcakes because it was still Friday in my mind. Anyways, earlier in the day I had tested out a recipe I found for homemade oreos because I just couldn’t resist, so yesterdays cupcakes were cookies and cream cupcakes using the oreos I made earlier. I did use real oreos as well though because the recipe called for an oreo half on the bottom of each cupcake and the ones I made were way too big for that so it was a mix of real oreos and the homemade ones. Then on top of the oreo half went a batter with chopped up oreos mixed in and it was finished off with an oreo and cream cheese frosting.


See, I told you the oreos came out kinda large, that’s one on the back of the plate and it’s kind of a beast. Although in all fairness that actually was one of the bigger ones, but the others weren’t much smaller. For some reason the cupcakes kind of collapsed a little, although I think it may have been because I popped them out of the silicone molds too soon and they weren’t completely cool… they may not have been cooked all the way through too, I got a wee bit impatient with them I think. Either way though, they were really good.

Today I wasn’t sure what to do so Andrea suggested that I try out something to use some of our CSA vegetables (we got a really good box the other day that included a pint of blueberries – so good!). I ended up using some of the summer squash in a chocolate and summer squash cupcake with nutella cream cheese frosting. Now I know it sounds way weird, but it was actually really good. The summer squash has a pretty mild flavor to begin with that can lend itself to being a little sweet or savory depending on what you pair it with, so that worked really well and nutella and cream cheese is just a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned. The other day I had the idea to make a grilled nutella and cream cheese sandwich. So good. It honestly didn’t occur to me to translate that particular combination into a frosting but when I came across the idea for it I was on board right away obviously.



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