A Change of Scenery

So today our parents and brother came up to visit and then brought me home with them for various reasons so that’s where I will be for the next couple of days. I’ve got to say, it was definitely nice baking at home; for one there’s electric mixers here and while I honestly don’t actually mind mixing by hand, electric mixers definitely aren’t a bad thing. Another thing I like is that I’m used to all of the little quirks and tendencies of the appliances and such here, whereas at the house it took a little while to get used to, although by now I’ve pretty much adjusted to everything. I don’t know, it was just different, kind of old and familiar I guess. Today’s cupcakes I kept pretty simple because it had been kind of a long day so I made sour cream cupcakes with a chocolate sauce that my grandma used to make and my mom made sometimes for us. The deal with that is that you make the sauce while the cupcakes are in the oven and then you put a cupcake in a bowl and break it up and pour the sauce over it so that it just gets covered in it and soaks it up and is really delicious. Sooo, you start with something like this…


and end up with something like this


So good and a total throwback to when we were kids.

In other news, Zach brought a deep fryer over to the house the other night to add to our ridiculous collection of appliances (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but between everybody in the house, we’ve got pretty much every appliance on the face of the earth in our kitchen, it’s crazy). Anyways, the presence of a deep fryer sparked the urge to make doughnuts, so last night Andrea and Andrew did that and it was kind of awesome.


So many doughnuts! That’s not even all of them either, we had to put some in other various containers, we kind of had a little pile of tupperware filled with doughnuts going on because we seem to not have a whole lot of plastic containers hanging around in the kitchen…


I mean there’s our pile of doughnuts and that’s after Andrea, Andrew and I ate some, so the recipe made kind of a lot but hey, I don’t have a problem with that. Andrea also had the totally brilliant idea to make ninja doughnuts because ninja doughnuts are just awesome obviously, although they did get a little misshapen…Image

The bottom two may be a bit sideways, I couldn’t really tell what they were supposed to be doing, but it doesn’t matter, they’re still awesome. After the doughnut adventure was over, we decided to deep fry some oreos since the fryer was already on and ready to go and all. It was a good decision, deep fried oreos are pretty awesome. Not to mention super healthy too I’m sure. Of course it’s not like we’re deep frying all the time, so I really don’t see much harm in having a little fun once in a while. Good stuff.


One thought on “A Change of Scenery

  1. With your change of scenery the none plus 5 will change as well … believe it … back to cupcakes they where very yummy comfort cakes after a long day and Grammy would be proud .

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