Hey Look, It’s a Football with Whiskers!


Another cool thing about home is that my chinchilla is there because unfortunately I couldn’t take him with me this summer due to allergy issues in the house. His name is Jasper and just for the record, anyone who thinks that’s a Twilight reference might get kicked in the teeth (not actually, that’s just an annoying assumption that people make sometimes though). Okay so he really doesn’t resemble a football, he’s not even the size of a football or anything. but the football thing is referring more to the way I sometimes do a football hold … just because. I also do the Lion King thing, which he actually doesn’t mind – my dog however hates the Lion King. She’s also not a fan of the airplane or when I try to tango with her, although she doesn’t mind being a football, however she wasn’t being cooperative about getting a good picture so that’s why I don’t have one to post today. Perhaps I’ll get her tomorrow, we’ll see… Anyways, I digress … although it bears mentioning that another awesome thing about home is the shower. The shower at the house has kind of weak water pressure but the shower at home is perfect so I took a ridiculously long shower this morning (okay so technically it was afternoon because I slept way in) and it was a beautiful thing. Speaking of beautiful things, we got a great thunderstorm earlier, which was super cool. I love thunder storms and it’s actually been a while since I’ve been in one so I was pretty jazzed about that.

Anyhow, enough about that, moving on to cupcakes … today’s were a request from my mom which I was more than happy to comply with because they were a chocolate and peanut butter combination which is always a winning combo in my book. Basically it was just a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling swirled in pre-baking, which looked all pretty and stuff.Image

See, they’re so pretty-ful! Good thing I took a picture before baking them too because the swirly-ness got a little messed up in the oven.


Still really delicious though and no frosting necessary, they were pretty awesome without.

Aaaand, I just wanna end with a shout out to my awesome house mates because I got a facebook message from my sister passing on some house mate love and it just seemed relevant to mention that my house mates are all totally awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody again in a few days. It’s kind of a weird situation actually because I obviously love being home and seeing my family but I also love being at my sister’s place and everyone there and then once the school year starts I’m going to just be bouncing around between those two places plus school because it’s already been decided that I’m going to be visiting Andrea a lot during the school year (she just can’t get rid of me =P). Should be interesting to see how that all works out, but in the mean time I’ll just deal with being attached to two different places for now before I think about dealing with three.


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