If it Ain’t Broke…

Funnily enough, the whole “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” thing clearly is lost on that phrase because the grammar is just atrocious. That issue aside though, as per request I again went with a chocolate and peanut butter combo for today’s cupcakes. The cake was peanut butter with chocolate chips although I took the liberty of substituting dark chocolate chips for regular ones, which was a good choice in my opinion. The recipe I used was a keeper too, the cake came out really light but still had great peanut butter flavor. I frosted it with a peanut butter butter cream and then made a chocolate sauce just with butter, semisweet chocolate. a little confectioner’s sugar, some milk and instant coffee (the not-so-secret ingredient that really adds to the flavor). I was all jazzed to finally make really pretty cupcakes today too because I have piping bags at home so I piped the frosting on and it was all nice looking but then I felt like adding the chocolate sauce so that kind of covered up the nicely piped frosting. It’s okay though because it was delicious so I find that to be an acceptable trade-off.


It’s not like they’re ugly or anything either, they look good enough to eat, that’s for sure.

A little while ago I found instructions on how to make little teeny dream catchers small enough to use as jewelry and since I’m an accessory junkie I just had to make one (maybe more in the future, it was totally fun and super cute). That’s what I was doing tonight and now I have a cute mini dream catcher necklace to show for it.


It was actually really easy to make and the thing I love about DIY is that it’s different, usually cheaper (I made this totally for free with stuff we just had hanging around at home), and there’s just kind of a sense of pride in knowing that you made what you’re wearing that’s kind of cool. Plus if you get compliments on it then you get to do the whole “Thanks, I made it!” thing and people ooo and ahh over that. DIY stuff also makes great gifts because it’s just that much more personal, so I personally love being crafty and into figuring out how to make stuff, it’s pretty sweet.


One thought on “If it Ain’t Broke…

  1. 5 star cupcakes to be sure! Can’t believe I’m going to say this … they would be just as good without the chocolate chips, that cake was light and yummy ~ looking forward to another one or two !

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