Made With Love … Really, I Promise

Today as I was baking I thought about how a lot of the time people say the most important ingredient in baking and cooking is love and if you don’t cook with love then it just isn’t the same and I agree that it’s good to bake with love, although I totally stress bake and it still tastes delicious so it’s apparently not exactly essential. However I’m a believer in baking with love, but it just seemed kind of amusing to me that I typically like to blast music while I’m baking and today’s choice was Papa Roach. Not exactly what most people would probably think of while baking cupcakes and not really your typical “baking with love” sound, but I love it so it feels right to me. I don’t know, it just seemed kind of funny to me because baking cupcakes doesn’t exactly seem to fit with the whole blowing your eardrums out with rock music vibe but for me it totally gels. Anywho, today’s cupcakes were inspired by poking around in our cupboards and finding a box of instant tapioca. I went through a phase a couple years ago where I was making tapioca all the time because it’s just good stuff, so I thought I’d just see if I could work it into a cupcake. I consulted Google of course and turns out I can. It’s a “red velvet” (the quotes are bc it didn’t really turn out red … oh well) cupcake with tapioca in the middle and a simple chocolate glaze on top. Yum.


Now before tomorrows cupcakes happen, there’s something about these that I should explain… so when I started making these I just followed the recipe but then I remembered that it was for 24-30 cupcakes. Now I’ve been making full batches at home because my dad is theoretically going to bring them in to work with him so I’m cool with just doing full batches, but 24 cupcakes in one day is just not necessary so I saved half the batter and am going to be using that in some way for tomorrow’s cupcakes although obviously I’ll do something different from what I did today.

I also made pretzels again today and they came out even better than the first time I made them! I’m seriously loving this recipe, I found this blog called Yammie’s Noshery and that’s where this recipe came from. You guys should totally check it out, I’ve actually used a couple recipes from there and this chick really knows her stuff.


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