Make It Work

Okay, time for a confession; I’m a total Project Runway junkie. Seriously, if there’s a rerun on I’ll pick up a knitting project or something just as an excuse to sit down and watch it, even if it’s a season I’ve seen several times before. I’m not sure what it is, but I just love that show so I was super jazzed when a new season finally started last week and even more jazzed to watch it on the big screen at home rather than having to wait for it to come up online and then watch it on my laptop’s little teensy screen which is what I’ll have to start doing. Tonight’s episode was the ever popular unconventional challenge and this time it was using stuff found in a candy store which is pretty awesome. Anywho, speaking of sweet things, today’s cupcakes were pretty good.
I used the left over batter from yesterday’s cupcakes but I beefed it up a little bit by swirling in a couple of handfuls of melted chocolate chips. I also made a pretzel crust for the cupcakes and after baking them off topped it with a cream cheese frosting and a pretzel that I had put a dark chocolate kiss on, stuck in the oven to melt for a couple of minutes, and then topped with an m&m. The weird thing was that I couldn’t find the normal m&ms which is pretty unheard of in this house but I did locate some mini ones so those did the trick. Now I know that it might sound like one too many flavors going on for just one cupcake, but they actually all worked together pretty well so I was happy with the results. My one qualm was with the cream cheese frosting; we had neufchatel cheese which is similar to cream cheese but with less fat I guess. Well it also has less flavor in my opinion. I hadn’t noticed it before when using the stuff but I guess since I’ve been using real cream cheese at the house I noticed the difference when my cream cheese frosting didn’t taste quite as cream cheese-y as I would have liked. It occurred to me that I’m actually not sure what the deal is with neufchatel besides that it has less fat but I use light cream cheese which has less fat and still tastes just as good in my opinion. Either way though, the frosting still came out good so no worries I guess.


Oh, and I finally got a picture of my dog for you guys so here she is!Image

Way. Too. Cute. She’s not even doing anything either, just chilling there being adorable.

After discovering how easy and fun it was to make a mini dream catcher the other night I went into “mass production” mode (and by mass production I mean I made three more) and made myself some more dream catcher swag. Haha swag? Really? Anyways… so there’s a bunch of pics coming your way of that adventure. I made a necklace, a bracelet, and an earring. Only one earring because I’ve got three piercings in one ear and two piercings plus my industrial piercing in my other ear and I’m really into doing the asymmetrical thing so I like to just do one big earring plus a stud in my right ear (the one with the industrial) and then just three little hoops in the left ear or something like that.

Here’s the earring then ….



The little silver thing is a bell because I love to jingle for some reason, although it’s really little so I’ll probably be the only one who can hear it, but I’m totally okay with that.


Work in progress (this one was for the necklace)



Aaaand last but not least, here’s the bracelet…


I felt the need to take a picture with it on to show how the feather and ribbons fall plus the proportion of the dream catcher and the fact that my wrist is a bit on the small side makes it look like this was made for a child when it’s not actually on, hence why you are also getting my lovely arm and apparently every hair on said arm in this shot…awkward…


See? I don’t know, for some reason it just looks kind of little to me but maybe not. Anyways, I totally had fun making these and now I have some sweet new jewelry to rock so I’m pretty psyched about that.


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