So after a week…

So after a week of being home I am once again back at the house and baking for my lovely house mates. Yesterday’s cupcakes were pretty darn good, but first I’ll catch you guys up on Friday’s because I did bake cupcakes on Friday, I just didn’t feel like posting about them at the time because I was tired and they were kind of a fail. I mean in all fairness I actually didn’t try one so they might have tasted good but they just really didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. I’ve got kind of a history with this particular recipe too because I made it a while ago and the first time I made it the cupcakes were amazing, but then I made them again in May and they turned out not quite right. Then on Friday I figured I would do them again and fix whatever went wrong the last time but somehow they ended up having the same problem, so that was weird and annoying. The cupcakes are mint black bottom cupcakes and for those who don’t know, the basic idea is a chocolate cupcake with a mint cheesecake type layer on top, which is super delicious if it comes out right. Unfortunately, what happened was that the cream cheese … which technically wasn’t cream cheese, it was the nefuchatel again … maybe that was the issue… anyways, the cheese kind of just broke down into little chunks even though it had come to room temperature and everything beforehand, which was weird. After trying to fix it for a while I just got frustrated and put it on the cupcakes and stuck them in the oven. The weird thing was that the cupcakes rose in the oven which that particular recipe typically doesn’t do, so that was kind of odd. Basically they just turned out as chocolate cupcakes with a layer of the mint stuff on top. Like I said, by the time the whole thing was over I was just so done with it that I didn’t even try a cupcake but my dad did and said they were good, so they might have been, I really don’t know. Anyways, here they are … kind of funny lookingImage

(also there’s no frosting because the whole cheesecake thing makes it unnecessary, but the cheesecake thing didn’t exactly go as planned, so they actually kind of look like the could use some frosting)

Yesterday’s cupcakes were much more successful, which was a relief. They were mocha cupcakes with a coffee butter cream. I love baking with coffee because a) I just love coffee, although I’m pretty sure that fact has been established by now and b) I find that most people who have a problem with coffee don’t like the bitterness that can come with it and with baking you can control how much of that comes through so you can get coffee flavor without as much of the bitterness. It works too because my sister kind of hates coffee but she gave these cupcakes the seal of approval and when I made a coffee icing for cupcakes a while ago she gave that a thumbs up too, so even non coffee drinkers can usually go for coffee in baked goods.


This is a post-eating shot, which is why the cupcakes are all askew and such. The plate was much more full because I actually made a dozen cupcakes this time but there were only two left by this morning so I’d call that a success.


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