“That Damn Donna Reed”

I once again missed posting yesterday’s cupcakes on the actual day that I made them, but I now have a nice long post with lots of pictures for you guys catching up on yesterday and today so hopefully that makes up for it. Yesterday I did a grocery run so I stocked up on things to make cupcakes of course and now there’s a whole realm of possibility for delicious cupcakes to happen so that was really exciting. I also may or may not have bought nail polish and now have officially overflowed my container that I keep my nail polish in. Only by one, but still, I feel like that’s kind of bad. I can’t help it though, the stuff is like crack to me, there are just so many pretty colors and it’s really cheap too (although probably unlike crack in that aspect of the comparison) it’s just so hard to resist!


In other news, I dyed my hair again yesterday too because it had faded kind of a lot since I did the beet color plus I just felt like it. I did a 45 minute round of bleach to get a nice light pink and then I divided my bangs into three different layers to dye it. The bottom layer I left alone as pale pink and for the second layer I mixed a light turquoise I had laying around with a pink (different from the beet red/pinkish though) for a nice light purple that I put in near the roots and then faded to the same pink as the bottom layer. For the top layer I put in turquoise at the roots, and then transitioned that into the purple-ish color. I’m really happy with the results, here they are



(Had to do two pictures to properly show the color changes)

Speaking of hair though, when I got back from doing groceries yesterday it was pretty awful. This was pre-dyeing, after I dyed it and fixed it it was good but before that I really hit the jackpot on Things That Make Your Hair Look Horrid. I didn’t dry my hair after washing it yesterday morning so it was damp and my bangs weren’t straightened when I left the house, plus it was hot out and all sticky and gross which always does lovely things to my hair. On top of that, it was also breezy, which felt nice but again, not good for achieving good hair. The final component in this potpourri of bad hair factors was that I need a hair cut, so that just really rounded things out nicely. Oh well, I really don’t think anyone cared besides me.

Moving on to yesterday’s cupcakes though. They were a real hit and possibly also slightly ridiculous; they were a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom, a Reese’s peanut butter cup in the middle, and brownie batter on top and then the whole thing got baked off. Yum. They were especially good still warm from the oven because the peanut butter cup was all melty. Image

Last night was also kind of ridiculous food wise because we kind of deep fried everything in the kitchen just because. It was pretty awesome actually. Zach got corn dogs so they deep fried some of those and then we were having grilled BLTs for dinner so of course deep fried bacon happened. Then after dinner there was some batter left over from the cookie dough part of the cupcakes so some of the got deep fried and then deep fried oreos had to happen as well. By the way, here’s the recipe I used for the chocolate chip cookies  http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2009/03/03/crispy-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookies/. Even after the cupcakes and deep frying, there was some batter left over so I made that into cookies and they were pretty good so it’s a good recipe for your standard chocolate chip cookies. For the brownie part I just used the recipe from the back of a bag of King Arthur flour because we’ve been using that for brownies for a while and it’s pretty dependable.

Today’s cupcakes technically aren’t cupcakes but I baked them using a cupcake tin and I figured since I’m doing 365 days worth of cupcakes I could fudge it a little as far as what actually counts as a cupcake. I was really excited because when I went shopping I picked up a couple of awesome looking peaches so I made peach and blueberry pie cupcakes.


For the crust I halved this recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/best-ever-pie-crust/ although I added a teensy bit of honey because I gave the dough a taste and it didn’t really taste like anything and in my experience, if a dough or batter doesn’t taste good then whatever is being made with it usually won’t taste good either, so I just fixed it really quickly. It didn’t taste overwhelmingly like honey or anything, I just used enough to make the dough stop tasting like nothing. For the filling I just cut up a peach and a half and put that in a pot with a handful or so of frozen blueberries, a couple tablespoons of sugar, a dash of lemon juice and a pinch each of cinnamon and nutmeg. I then just cooked that down on the stove for a couple of minutes before filling each little pie with it. On top are just scraps of crust that I baked with some cinnamon and sugar because I remembered how when my sister and I were in a youth group as middle schoolers we would bake pies to sell every year around Thanksgiving and we always did that with the scraps of dough, so I figured it would be as good a way as any to use up the extra bits.

Today was apparently a good day for animals to be doing cute and weird things at the house as well because Andrea let her bunny out to hop around her room earlier and he was trying to drink water out of this bucket that Andrew had out to dechlorinate for their fish and he looked like he was about to fall in a couple of times.


He’s just too cute!

We also had a squirrel out on the back deck with a jar of peanut butter that he had literally chewed a hole in the top of and was chewing at to try and get more peanut butter out of. We couldn’t figure out where the jar of peanut butter came from though because it definitely wasn’t ours but it seemed weird the he would have carried it over to the deck from somewhere else but I guess that’s probably what happened.


Just some local wildlife, no big deal.


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