My Little Misadventure Eclairs are Magic

For those of you who are wondering, yes that is totally a My Little Pony reference, Jo suggested it as a title for tonight’s post because her and her friend Matt are majorly into My Little Pony and she was helping me out with tonight’s cupcakes while Matt played (and sang) MLP songs. It was a total blast actually even though half the time we had no clue what was going on and then Matt totally owned at filling the cupcakes. More on that later though, after all dinner has to come before you can have dessert and tonight I took over dinner duty and made eggplant Parmesan. We got a really gorgeous eggplant from the CSA last week and then Jo and I picked up another this afternoon since the first was a little on the small side, plus we are cooking for six (seven tonight because Matt was over) so two eggplants was a good call.


Here they are being all prettyful.

After eggplant parm happened then it was cupcake time. Tonight’s cupcakes are another that fall into the category of Things That Aren’t Technically Cupcakes but Were Baked in a Cupcake Tin and are Therefore Being Called Cupcakes because they were chocolate eclair cupcakes. Kind of an interesting follow-up to yesterday’s Boston cream pie cupcakes too because it’s a similar concept of plain cake filled with vanilla cream/pudding type thing and topped with chocolate. The eclair cupcakes turned out like actual eclairs though, which was awesome because who doesn’t love eclairs? Jo helped me out with the dough because it was doing weird things and didn’t look like it would turn into anything remotely edible but then in the oven it magically transformed into eclair outsides, so that was awesome. Then it was time to fill them and she helped out with that while I melted chocolate for the glaze, although she tried filling them from the top rather than the sides, which was fine, it just didn’t look too pretty but really it happens, I was just glad for the help. Matt however decided he could do better and he ended up filling about half of the eclairs and then fixing the ones Jo had done because he basically just nailed it on the first eclair and was a boss at filling those suckers. After the filling, they all got topped with chocolate glaze and turned out looking quite lovely.


The derpy looking one on the left is the special grumpy face eclair that broke open when it was getting filled and turned into a frowny face.


They were so good though, even though the whole process ended up taking close to two hours it was totally worth it, plus it was a fun time in the kitchen, so I’ve got no complaints there. Here’s the link so that you all can make these yourselves, I highly recommend it and I actually followed the directions 100% this time, which might be a first for me, now that I think of it…


One thought on “My Little Misadventure Eclairs are Magic

  1. Hmmmm … if you keep going in this direction tonight your title will have to be “Curiouser and curiouser”
    Whatever you call those little creations they do look yummy ~

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