Who Could be Scared of a Jeffrey? (Weekend, Part 2)

I’m counting Friday night as part one of the weekend, so that’s where the “part 2” came from, I didn’t just randomly pick a number. Just a heads up, this is possibly going to get obnoxiously long because it was a pretty swell weekend and even though I missed cupcakes on Saturday I’ve still got plenty to share. Saturday started out strong with Jo making us an awesome breakfast of french toast, eggs and beans, plus bacon for Andrea and the guys. Then our friend Jill came over and discovered that there was a bat in our fireplace. It was pretty cool because he (or she) was totally adorable plus it’s not as if it could have gotten into the house because the landlord has a piece of plexiglass over the fireplace so that people don’t actually use it. We decided to name him Jeffrey, although unfortunately we haven’t seen him since Saturday morning, which is kind of a bummer. We all got pictures though, so here he is, just sleeping and being cute.


After we creeped on the bat for a while, we headed out to Sterling for the day for the Sterling Renaissance Festival. It was so much fun, we’re kind of planning on making it an annual trip. The actual getting there was interesting too; first off, there were six of us piled into our friend’s bug. You do the math. It was also nice and toasty out so that back seat was pretty cozy to say the least. To add to that, we also got a bit lost so that a drive that should have taken an hour and a half took us two hours and 50 minutes. It actually wasn’t bad though because we were just listening to music and having a good time, we just happened to also be melting while that was happening. The actual Renaissance Festival was awesome too, I don’t know if I’m going to even get into talking about it because that could just take for ever and not even be adequate, so I’ll just say if you get the chance to go, you should, it’s such a good time. We got back to the house around 9:30ish because we had stopped to pick up some groceries since we were out of eggs and then I did hennas on Andrew, Steve, Jo, Jill, and Andrea, so by the time that was done I didn’t feel like doing cupcakes, plus the kitchen was just really hot at that point so it would have been kind of miserable. The sad thing with the hennas though was that the stuff had been mixed up for a while (since that last time I did them, which was probably close to a month ago actually) so it didn’t actually stay on. Everybody woke up henna-less, which was too bad because they actually came out pretty cool. It happens though, that’s just how life goes sometimes.

Yesterday morning was another winning breakfast, courtesy of Jo, Andrea, and myself. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but a few days ago Zach came back from work with an electric griddle thingy so we now have the ability to make six pancakes at once, as well as doing other things that you use a griddle for. We took advantage of that yesterday morning by making an awesome pancake breakfast. Jo made gluten free, vegan cinnamon banana pancakes, Andrea made regular banana pancakes, and I made zucchini and potato pancakes and then we got out pretty much every condiment we could think of that would be good on a pancake and took the whole thing out to the living room to eat on the couch.


It was kind of awesome. Speaking of awesome, we got some beautiful tomatoes from the CSA this week and we used one of them for dinner last night and I just had to take a picture after Steve had cut it up because it just was really gorgeous.


Be prepared for more of my being weirdly fascinated by vegetables/thinking they’re pretty because we also have an eggplant from the CSA in our fridge that I still need to take pictures of.

Finally getting to cupcakes, yesterday’s cupcakes were Boston cream pie cupcakes. The cake was a plain cupcake which then got cut in half, filled with vanilla pudding, stuck back together, and topped with a chocolate glaze. The recipe I used is here http://www.womansday.com/recipefinder/boston-cream-cupcakes-recipe-122598 but for the glaze I just disregarded the recipe and melted two ounces of semisweet chocolate and a tablespoon of butter together and added about half a tablespoon of heavy cream and that worked out well and was really good. I actually don’t remember why I didn’t just follow the recipe for the glaze, I guess I just liked mine better or something. Either way though, the cupcakes were good so it’s irrelevant now.Image

So there’s my weekend in a nutshell and happy Monday everybody. Now I’ve got to go think of a really good cupcake to make today to make up for the fact that it’s Monday, because Mondays are gross.


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