Home Again

As stated, I’m now home again, this time until classes start up again in a couple of weeks, so I missed making cupcakes Saturday because of moving out and coming home and Friday was just not a cupcake day for whatever reason so I actually missed two days in a row unfortunately. Yesterday of course was partially spent catching up on sleep because I haven’t been getting a whole lot of that lately and partially spent unpacking. Let’s talk unpacking here for a second because for me it always takes longer than it actually should. I spent a good hour and a half-ish in my room “unpacking” but the majority of that time wasn’t actually spent unpacking. First off I like to play music because I just listen to music whenever I can pretty much but then I got distracted. About halfway through putting my clothes away, my laptop battery started dieing so of course then I needed to plug it in to charge. Then I came across my camera randomly and decided it would be a good time to move my pictures from my camera and on to my computer. This of course meant that I also had to go through all of my pictures and organize them. I’m not sure about anyone else, but for me it takes a while to do this because I’m kind of weirdly particular about how I organize my pictures. I also noticed when I was trying to find the right cable to hook my camera up to my computer that it’s annoying to have to pick out any particular cord from the bag I keep them in so then I decided to take out my camera cord, my mp3 player cord, and my cell phone cord and paint the ends of them with nail polish so that I wouldn’t have to dig through my bag trying to get the right one.

ImageThe tangled up mess of black cords are basically impossible to tell apart and sometimes the plugs are the same at one end or something so I color coded them so I’ll know what’s what right away.

ImageBlue for my camera, redish/pink in most normal lighting for my mp3 player and glitter for my cell phone. In other electronics embellishing related news, I saw this cool idea online for headphone wires, or any wire you want wrapped in embroidery floss the same way you would make a friendship bracelet and I thought it looked pretty cool so I started doing that to my cupcake earbuds the other day and here’s how it’s looking so far.

ImageBecause nothing says “I have no life whatsoever” quite like embellishing your earbuds. Although I actually don’t have a problem with it because I think it’s cute and I was one of those kids who was always making friendship bracelets during the summer so I can just do this without even looking as a way to keep my hands busy while watching TV or something.

Yesterday I got back on my game with the cupcake thing and made some mini samoa cupcakes (http://www.bakersroyale.com/cupcakes/samoas-cupcakes/). Mini cupcakes are fun because they’re little and cute and also take less time to bake, although you have to be a little more careful not to over bake them because of their small size. These had a chocolate cake base which wasn’t the best chocolate cake recipe I’ve come across, but the frosting was really good and they combined for a very good cupcake experience. The frosting was a salted caramel butter cream and then half of the cupcakes got coconut shreds and they all got some chocolate drizzeled on top. I only put coconut on half of them because Andrea doesn’t care for the texture of it, so I left some without.

ImageI was really excited to find a recipe for samoa cupcakes because samoas are my favorite Girl Scout cookies and I was eager to see how well they would translate into a cupcake. I was a Girl Scout when I was little too, so these have a little bit of nostalgic value for me because I can remember trying to sell cookies in our town’s local convenience store type thing, which was the only place around where we could sell cookies basically. I live in the the country so going door to door, besides of course not really being the safest thing to do was also not convenient at all, so we had to make an effort to actually sell any cookies but it was an experience… yeah, my time as a Girl Scout was relatively short lived actually. I don’t remember why exactly I stopped but after a little while I just wasn’t feeling it any more I guess so I moved on. I had some good times though, so that was cool I guess.

I also DIY-ed a t-shirt of mine yesterday because I’ve cut up several of my old shirts that either didn’t fit or that I just didn’t wear as is and one of them got a little too stretched out in the wash and wasn’t looking quite the way I wanted it to so I cut it a little bit more and I like it even better now. I mean it’s a Guns N’ Roses shirt so it already reeked of awesome, but now it’s basically got no back and is even cuter and the modification took less than five minutes and was super easy so I’m pretty jazzed about it.


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