Safety First

Today my mom, Andrea, and I had to run a few errands and our travels brought us to Target where we picked up a Hello Kitty first aid kit for me. I’m kind of your quintessential “girly girl” in some respects, one of them being the fact that I totally love cute stuff. Of course in other ways I’m kind of the opposite of a girly girl, which sounds like I’m totally contradicting myself, but I think that it’s possible to be both at once and have a multi-faceted personality that way, but more on that later. I was actually planning on addressing that more in depth in a future post, possibly tomorrow if I get to it because there’s an article about female bloggers that my mom showed me and it kind of pertains to that sort of issue so I felt like discussing that at some point. Moving on though, for now I’m just going to keep it simple and show off my cute first aid kit.


Adorable, no? Kind of necessary for me too because I am a total klutz to the point where it’s kind of a miracle that I even made it past the first grade in one piece. Now I’ll be prepared to go back to school with a first aid kit for my dorm room, so I think my mom will probably be able to sleep more easily at night with that knowledge.

Our errands today also took us to a craft store where I was super psyched to find yarn for a project that I’ve literally been wanting to do for at least a year now. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the right yarn but haven’t found anything that I liked and that was in my budget, but finally I managed to stumble upon just the right yarn so once I get time for that I’m going to be knitting myself a super cute mohair bubble dress. Of course I’m not sure when I’ll have time to craft for myself in the future because I’ve got a million things going on at the moment. I’m making a quilt for my friend’s girlfriend because she saw the one that I made for myself a year ago and loved it and needs a new quilt because I guess her old one is on its way out, so since I had fun making my quilt and love sewing in general I was more than happy to agree to that. I’m also spinning some wool into yarn for my sister and then will be doing so for myself as well because this past winter we went with our mom to the Vogue Knitting Weekend in NYC, which was awesome and we both got some beautifully dyed roving and since I have a drop spindle and know how to use it, I’m now making that into yarn. I’m also planning on attempting to sell some things on Etsy so I need to figure that whole situation out and then actually make things to sell, so that’s going to be a project. I’m enjoying all of this stuff though because I love all (okay, maybe not ALL technically, but definitely most) things artsy and crafty, so I’m excited to be doing all of this stuff. While all of this is going on though, I’m also trying to squeeze in time for art and I’m going to be starting classes again in a couple weeks so I’ve got to get ready for that and then of course actually juggle classes and once school starts I’ll also be picking up a work study job so I’ll have that to deal with. I also want to pick up another job, although I’m trying not to get too set on that because I know that I’m already going to have a lot on my plate, so I’m putting that thought on the back burner for now and I’ll revisit it once I’m settled into the semester and such. On top of all of that, I’m also going to be looking around at colleges to transfer to because I want to make sure that I assess all of my options there and then if I do decide to definitely transfer then I’ll have to do all of the work that goes with that, so it’s definitely going to be a busy fall for me. As much as it is to deal with though, I’m trying to keep a positive outlook because like I said, the crafty stuff is what I love doing, school isn’t bad – some of my classes seem like they should be interesting, unless something weird comes up I’ll be picking up the same work study job I had last year and I really liked that, and transferring is something I want to do so while that process could be potentially stressful, it’ll be good to move forward with that and I think it could be a really positive thing for me if it ends up happening.

Oh, and in addition to all of this, I’ll also be baking cupcakes every day. I’m actually really not worried about that though because I’m in the habit already and it’ll be the kind of thing that wouldn’t be overly time consuming; I could just take a break from whatever to throw some cupcakes in the oven, do something while they were baking, pull them out to cool and then frost them pretty quickly, so I don’t see it being an issue, it just sounds kind of silly to be sticking with a hair brained plot to bake cupcakes every day when I’m going to be juggling about a million and a half other things. Speaking of which, today’s cupcakes were coffee and cream cupcakes, although I altered the recipe by adding cocoa powder to the coffee butter cream because I have a weakness for a good chocolate butter cream frosting and I know chocolate and coffee go well together so I figured it would work out nicely. Here’s the recipe and it’s a solid one, although I used about half as much butter as it calls for and had no problems, so that’s just something to consider when baking I’ve been finding that in a lot of recipes I can cut down on the butter, which is kind of cool because I realize that obviously having cupcakes every day is not the healthiest decision so if I can make them just a little healthy or a little less unhealthy really then I’m all for it. Here are the cupcakes then, a coffee cake with chocolate and coffee butter cream.


The cream part of “coffee and cream” is the filling in the middle. I took a picture of one of the cupcakes with a couple of bites out of it and I kind of like that the cream stays isolated in the center of the cupcake because then you have to take a bite or two to get to it so it’s a little bit of a surprise. Not to me obviously because I made the cupcakes, but to other people I think it is.



Oh, and just to illustrate my previous point about me being a klutz, let me share the genius maneuver I just pulled off. I was reaching back to put my camera cord on my nightstand and had a glass of water there because hydration is good apparently (I’m still not entirely convinced on that one but I’ve been working on drinking more water lately because it is actually good for you I guess) and I knocked over my water. Luckily it just missed my phone, so I grabbed the tank top I was wearing earlier today to wipe it up because I didn’t feel like getting a towel plus it’s just water and the top was going in the wash anyways, but that’s not actually relevant to the story… Anyways, as I was sopping up the water, I leaned over to see if any got behind my nightstand and in a move that is just classic me, I smacked my forehead on the corner of my windowsill. It now hurts and I feel like I should just be walking around in a giant bubble to avoid injury, although I feel like I could make that totally backfire in some way or another. On that note, clearly it’s time for me to go to bed before I do any more damage, so good night all.


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