It’s Gettin Hot In Here

I was pretty excited for today’s cupcakes because first off they were chocolate cream pie cupcakes (recipe here and secondly because I got to use a torch on them. As any one of my family members and many of my friends will tell you, I am a total pyro, so I was really excited to torch some cupcakes. The deal was that these got a graham cracker crust, a chocolate cake that was then hollowed out and filled with pudding, and then a meringue topping that got browned up with the torch. The cake part wasn’t the best; it came out a little dry for some reason which is weird because usually I’m really good about not over baking my cupcakes, but it wasn’t such a travesty because I took out a lot of the center to make room for the pudding. Now while I like my jazzed up box pudding, it really can’t compare to pudding from scratch so if you have the time and inclination to do so, I totally recommend making your own pudding, it’s really worth it. There was some left over after filling the cupcakes, but not for long, I polished it off pretty quickly. After the cupcakes were filled then it was time for the fun part. I whipped up some meringue topping, which is as simple as egg white, cream of tartar, and sugar, and then hit it with the mini blow torch thingy.


Obviously everybody should have one of these in their kitchen. At first I was a little too close to the cupcakes so some of the wrappers caught on fire, but then I got the hang of it and overall they came out really well I think.


I was also really excited today because I ordered a new backpack for school since my old messenger bag is kind of falling apart. It’s a shame too because it’s got the Cheshire Cat on it and is really cute, but it’s definitely seen better days. I’m excited for my new backpack to come in though because it’s got unicorns on it. I was kind of torn on whether or not to go for the unicorns because I have a tendency to look young very easily and overly cutesy stuff can make me look like a twelve year old, but I think it’ll be cute but not too cute plus unicorns are just undeniably awesome so I couldn’t resist. I’ll totally take pictures when it comes in (because clearly everyone cares deeply about my backpack … not. Well guess what, you’re getting pictures anyways because I feel like it =P).

Now I mentioned in last night’s post that I was going to talk about an article I read recently and I’m going to do that but I want to make sure I have a fully formed, well worded thought and those typically don’t happen this late at night so I will get to that in the near future but just not tonight. Instead I will share a very insightful thought on make up that I had the other morning when I was putting make up on. So here it is: if there are any guys reading this, take note because this next bit of advice is specifically for you. If you have a girlfriend, spouse, significant other, or just live with women and/or somehow find yourself in a situation where you could potentially see them putting on make up, don’t watch them do it. I’m not saying this because it’s some sort of sacred female ritual or something deeply private, personally I wouldn’t care if anybody saw me putting on make up. I’m telling you guys this for your own sake because if you ever watch a woman put on make up you will most likely be confused, frightened, and possible mildly traumatized. It can actually kind of look fairly dangerous; I mean come on, has anyone ever seen an eyelash curler? Thing looks like a freakin torture device! And don’t even get me started on eyeliner. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve poked myself in the eye with that I’d be able to pay my college tuition. Okay so maybe that’s a teensy bit of exaggeration but still, it’s kind of absurd. Another thing that makes me amazed I haven’t taken an eye out yet is separating my eyelashes with a straight pin. Now I don’t know if anyone else actually does this because it’s really a terrible idea but sometimes my mascara clumps my eyelashes a bit and I need to separate them and a pin really does the trick. The key is just to not stab yourself in the process. Plucking your eyebrows is another component of the make up ritual that is highly unpleasant, although I know that’s not necessarily something that everyone does. I mean my make up is fairly low maintenance, I typically aim to take less than five minutes with it, especially if I have to be somewhere but now that I’ve gotten into the habit, it would feel weird to not do any make up unless I’m just bumming around the house or something. Anyhow, I just wanted to share a quick thought on how terrifying putting on make up probably appears from the outside because I was briefly amused by that thought the other morning and I figured sharing is caring, so there you have it.


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