The Elephant in the Room


I’ve been working on my friend’s quilt all day and even though I do love it, sometimes when I’m working on a larger project, I like to take a break and make something small for some instant gratification to break up the process a little bit. I have the perfect book for that now too – well actually I’ve got a couple books of little teensy cute things to make, but tonight I chose to make something from Anna Hrachovec’s book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, which is just ridiculously adorable and quirky. I made a little purple elephant and it’s totally adorable!


Continuing with our theme of little cute things, see the teensy little pigtails I’m sporting? Well, you can only see the one, but I’m in desperate need of a hair cut and I can’t stand the feeling of my hair touching my neck for some reason so when it get’s long (relatively speaking obviously) I pull it up the second I can. My hair is too long and my fingernails are too short though, I need a hair cut and I need to have not ripped off/bitten all of my nails to the quick. Oh well, I’ve just gotta work with it for the time being. Plus I don’t mind the baby pigtails too much because they are slightly adorable so it could be worse.

Another little cute thing in my life are stickers. I have stickers on my cell phone and mp3 player because they’re both kind of boring/plain looking but I didn’t feel like buying a case for my cell phone so I just put stickers on it and when they fall off I put new ones on because I just have stickers laying around randomly since they’re cute and fun.


I mean what am I going to do with a glittery cupcake sticker or a cute elephant sticker? Gee, I don’t know but if I put them on electronics that I use every day then I’ll be able to see them and they can make me smile with their cuteness. Just for the record, my laptop is also decked out with stickers.

Something not so cute and happy? Ordering textbooks. That’s never a fun thing, they’re so stinking expensive it’s just ridiculous! Blech, not fun.

Although on the plus side, my mom is awesome and got me good coffee today and it should last me a while, especially once I start school and can also get coffee from the dining hall. I mean the dining hall coffee is kind of terrible but it has caffeine so it does the trick. She also got soy milk which is awesome because I use it in my coffee and it’s been weird and just kind of off not having it for the past several days, so yay for soy milk. One more thing (don’t worry, this one’s actually relevant to this blog) …wait for it … oreos! I have exciting cupcake-related plans for those oreos so that’s pretty cool in my mind.

Today’s cupcakes fit with the little and cute theme that seems to have emerged because I decided to make mini cupcakes again. They’re brownie cupcakes with cookie dough frosting and I don’t have a link because my mom actually printed out the recipe for me but it’s from Yammie’s Noshery, which is a pretty awesome blog; I got a pretzel recipe from there that is so good. She also used chocolate chips in the brownies, which is a must for me, so clearly this girl knows what’s up. The brownies were just a little under done when I pulled them out so they were nice and gooey and then the cookie dough frosting was literally chocolate chip cookie dough, just without the eggs so it was safe to eat. Genius! I mean it’s an obvious solution to how to create an authentic cookie dough taste, but for some reason I hadn’t come across it before and it didn’t occur to me to literally just use cookie dough.

Okay so I’m going to actually upload the picture of these cupcakes tomorrow because I want to get this post done and out there but my camera battery just died mid-post, so that picture will be coming your way, just not tonight.


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