Is There Anything Cuter Than a Sleeping Puppy?

Uhm, I think not. My dog Lexi was taking a nap on the couch earlier and being particularly adorable so I creeped on her a little and snapped a couple of pictures.Image

I mean just look at her, she’s way too cute. Okay, I’ll stop obsessing over my dog now and move on.

When I was rambling on about yesterday earlier I forgot to mention how productive I was; I got a lot of work done on the quilt I’m doing and I made a few dream catchers which I’m going to embellish with feathers and such and make into jewelry.ImageHere’s the work in progress shot of these guys. I’m not sure if I prefer the black hoops with the off-white for the center part or the all off-white, but I’m out of the black waxed linen now so the point is kind of moot.

As I was baking cupcakes earlier I camped out on the kitchen floor for a couple of minutes to draw while they were in the oven and Lexi caught sight of my reflection in the door leading out onto our back deck and spazzed out and was growling at it whenever I moved. She wouldn’t stop staring at my reflection too, it was so weird!ImageShe was so focused, she really didn’t want that reflection getting up to any shenanigans on her watch.

Speaking of shenanigans, today’s cupcakes came out interestingly. I made éclair cupcakes again because they came out really good the first time but obviously my family didn’t get to partake in that so I thought I’d let them in on the éclair fun. I changed it up though so I wouldn’t be making the same “cupcake” twice, so I added raspberry extract to the pastry cream instead of vanilla extract and then for the ganache I used part bittersweet chocolate and part semisweet to make it really dark and delicious. The dough didn’t really rise though for some reason so filling the éclairs got a little iffy and didn’t exactly turn out very well.ImageThey still tasted good though, although the raspberry extract didn’t give as much raspberry flavor as I would have liked but Andrea pointed out that it kind of tasted like raspberry flavored candy, which I guess makes sense and it wasn’t bad, so I can live with it. I also added just a little pink food coloring to make them look cuter.Image

I mean hey why not, right?


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