Made of Awesome

I’ve got some catching up to do here, seeing as I missed posting yesterday and also have yet to put up a picture of Wednesday’s cupcakes. Since I already told you about those (they were the brownie ones with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting for anyone who’s forgotten) here’s the picture.ImageMoving on to yesterday’s events now, I started the day out well with a healthy breakfast, which is pretty interesting for me because I’m typically not the most health-conscious person. I made waffles with the egg-less recipe I’ve talked about before and I left out the butter and substituted whole wheat flour for white flour and light soy milk for skim milk because I drink soy milk in my coffee all the time and the light stuff actually has 40 fewer calories per serving than skim milk. The waffles were really hearty too because of the whole wheat flour, plus they were pretty dense, but in a good way; they were really filling so you didn’t need to eat as much to feel satisfied for a while. It’s a little weird to me to actually be making decisions like that that are purposely healthier because I used to really not care at all and I kind of still don’t for the most part but I had to take a nutrition class last semester for my major and Jo’s major has to do with nutrition, so I guess those factors kind of rubbed off on me. Or after 19 years my mom’s finally gotten through to me, I don’t know but I’ve become a bit more aware of my food choices recently, so that’s kind of cool actually. Plus look at this waffle, who wouldn’t want to eat that?ImageHearty, healthy and delicious, I’d call that a successful breakfast.

In contrast, yesterday’s cupcakes were not exactly the healthiest ones I’ve made, although they were really good, so I obviously didn’t have a problem with them. They were oreo cheesecake cupcakes and were actually ridiculously easy, which was nice. I just stuck an oreo in the bottom of each cupcake tin and then mixed up a cheesecake batter and poured it over the top, then baked the whole thing off. Here’s the recipe and here’s a picture. ImageThey’re not the most visually appealing, but they sure tasted good.

In other exciting news, my backpack came in today and there’s just so much awesome I can’t even handle it! ImageIt’s also the perfect size for my books and such so I’m pretty jazzed about it. My mom was scandalized that the unicorns are pooping rainbows but I had to explain that that’s just what they do and I think she’s okay with it now. I also got a new t-shirt because Hot Topic was doing a thing where everything was buy one get one 50% off and it was on clearance for like six bucks so I ended up getting a three dollar t-shirt. They only had it in large which I figured was okay because for a three dollar shirt I could do some t-shirt surgery and make it really cute, but I actually really like the way it fits now, so I’m just going to wear it as is.ImageI’m constantly amazed by the clothing industry and their idea of sizes though because usually larges tend to be a bit, well, large on me, but this is just a loose, comfortable fit rather than being skin tight. I mean it actually worked out in my favor that they only had larges left, but if they had smalls or mediums I might have gone for one of those and then I wouldn’t have liked the fit of the t-shirt as much. I don’t know, it just seems like clothing manufacturers are super inconsistent with things like sizing and such and it can get really annoying at times. Anyhow, I guess I won’t rant on that any more, so I’ll say ttyl and check in later with some more cupcakes! (And yes, I have been wearing my backpack around the house since it came in this morning; I threw some old textbooks in it just so I could see how it would fall and adjust the straps accordingly and I just haven’t taken it off yet)


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