It’s a Small World After All

In a couple of days I’ll be moving into my new dorm room and beginning my second year of college, so I’ve been sort of getting ready for that and making sure I’ve got everything I need and in light of that I’ve got a couple of announcements to make. One of them is that I will not be baking cupcakes every day once I start school again. I was originally planning on continuing with the cupcakes every day thing, but since I’m really going to be juggling a lot of things, it just isn’t realistic to expect to bake cupcakes every day. Having said that, I will keep baking because I love baking and I’d still like to reach the 365 cupcake mark eventually, I just really thought about the situation and realized that it just isn’t feasible to hold myself to baking cupcakes every single day when I’m also going to be handling a packed semester of classes, a job, transferring schools, or at least preparing to do so should I still want to make that choice after this semester is over, and starting/running a small business. Which brings me to my second announcement, which is that I am in the process of starting a shop on Etsy selling a variety of tiny things, hence the title of this post. I still actually have no idea what I’m going to call my business, but I’ve decided that I want to try this thing out because I love crafting and I have always had a penchant for all things little and cute and I like to make things in miniature so if I can translate that into something marketable then that would be awesome. I’ve decided to prioritize this over cupcake baking because while I do enjoy baking and it is a good stress reliever, it’s not practical to have a bunch of cupcakes hanging around in my dorm room waiting to be binged on in times of stress. It’s much more healthy to relieve my stress through things like crafts and this is also something that I could potentially make a little bit of extra money off of, which would really be helpful with the whole college thing. Textbooks aren’t cheap. If I cut out cupcakes every day then I will also be able to devote more time to art, which is really a  priority to me since if I transfer I also want to pick up an art minor and since I haven’t been able to fit any art classes into my schedule at my current college, I haven’t taken any art classes since high school, so I want to get back into the habit of spending a lot more time on art. I’m still going to continue blogging though, just because it’s something that I actually really like and as I said, I’m not going to completely drop the cupcake thing either, so I’ll blog about cupcakes when I bake and then maybe share some thoughts on my foray into the world of Etsy and such.Today my mom and I did some shopping and picked up some supplies that I’ll need for my business and we’ve been talking it over in the past couple of days as well, so I feel like I have a much more solid grasp on this whole thing and my mom can show me the ropes with Etsy since she has her own shop. She actually went to school for art, worked as an artist, made jewelry for a while, and is now getting back into other forms of artistic expression and you all should totally check out her Etsy, her business is called Indigo Hare.

Anyways, so we picked up some stuff for my business which was kind of exciting and then we did some back to school stuff as well because I needed some new jeans, among other things. Now let’s just talk about shopping for jeans for a sec here because I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate it. I mean for one thing, sizing is ridiculously inconsistent between brands, and for another, I tend to be pretty picky about my jeans so of it’s just a pain in the neck finding stuff. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the whole “jeggings” thing. I can’t even…. I mean adding a zipper, belt loops and fake pockets to leggings does not make it acceptable to wear them as pants, it’s just not okay. I won’t rant though, I’ll just move on from the jeggings thing … Although really, jeggings?? What a ridiculous name! Okay, I”m done for real this time. Jeans shopping actually was fairly untraumatic this time around and I ended up scoring a pair of purple plaid skinny jeans (oh yeah, be jealous) and a pair of ridiculously flared jeans, which I love way more than I should. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a total sucker for flared jeans. I swear, I should’ve been around in the 60s/70s, I would’ve been all over that whole bell bottoms thing. I got some cute yoga pants too because my comfy pants are all baggy sweatpants which are really comfortable but also make me look like a slob whereas yoga pants are comfy and acceptable to wear around other people. I mean I’m not going to just start wearing yoga pants around for life or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of non-slob sweatpants. The most exciting thing I scored today though was a Skippyjon Jones backpack. It’s smaller than your standard backpack because I’m pretty sure it’s for kids or something but I don’t care and it’s actually perfect for my laptop and my sketchbook.


So cute! Plus it was only five bucks and the money went to charity so I couldn’t say no. I also have a bit of an emotional connection to Skippyjon Jones because as part of this program I was in during my senior year of high school, I interned at Wildwood School, which is a school in the area for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities and I remember in one of the classrooms I interned in we read a Skippyjon Jones book during speech therapy once, so this just kind of brings back a lot of good memories of my time at Wildwood.

Now on to cupcakes. Today’s were another recipe from Yammie’s Noshery that my mom found and here’s the link . They’re “Secretly Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes”, which got a pretty skeptical reaction from my friend Yillian when I was talking on the phone with her earlier and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical as well. I mean part of the reason we get along so well is that besides our almost constant stream of sarcasm, we also share a dislike of anything healthy, although that’s been changing for me a bit this summer, as evidenced by that fact that I actually eat vegetables now and sometimes even like them. I also drink water almost half as much as I drink coffee, which is quite the breakthrough for me, but I digress. I figured I’d give these cupcakes a shot because the other recipes I’ve tried from this girl’s blog have turned out really well so by now I trust in the fact that she knows what she’s doing and indeed she does because these were another hit. The cake was made with no butter or oil and with whole wheat flour, as well as applesauce and some shredded zucchini and it came out really good, the cupcakes were really moist, which is always a plus in my book. The frosting was just awesome too, I mean how can you possibly go wrong with a chocolate peanut butter frosting? Oh that’s right, you can’t. Good stuff.



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