Packing. ‘Nuff Said.

I don’t know about you guys but for some reason packing always seems to take me way too long. I move into my new dorm room tomorrow so naturally I spent all day packing because I’m a smart cookie and left it all for the last minute. I mean technically if I had just started packing and worked right through until I was done it wouldn’t have literally taken me all day but I stopped to help my mom make these awesome pretzel things that I’ll tell you guys more about in a minute, then I stopped to work on the quilt a little more, then I kind of crashed for a while late in the afternoon or, to use a term from Sheldon Cooper, “prevening” … sorry, I just had to, The Big Bang Theory is an awesome show and Sheldon is just a gem. Anyways, for some reason I was really drained so I took a break again and yeah, one way or another I ended up not finishing until around 8pm I think. Plus I’m not technically finished because there are always those things like pajamas and deodorant and stuff that you can’t pack until the morning, but that’s not a big deal.

Those pretzels that I mentioned earlier were totally worth the delay in packing; my mom found this recipe for these pretzels with peanut butter filling stuff in between two pretzels and the whole thing got dipped in chocolate. So good. She also made banana chocolate chip bread because we had some bananas hanging around that were a little over ripe and therefore perfect for banana bread so I’ve got some good stuff to bring back to school with me. Due to the overly long and inordinately tiring nature of today I kind of didn’t do cupcakes, plus it seemed like overkill since my mom and I made the pretzels and she made bread so that just didn’t happen. I’m not sure when I’ll get to bake next but as I said the other night when I was talking about going back to school and stuff, I’ll still post and find something to blab about to the internet, so we’ll see how all this goes I guess. For now until my next post I’ll leave you guys with a picture of some teensy little books I made a while ago, a little teaser for what’s to come once I get my Etsy figured out and up and running.



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