Back to My Old Tricks

First off, a belated happy Labor Day everybody, it’s always swell to get a random Monday off. Since it was a three day weekend, I went home and my sister was home too, as was Andrew because his family lives farther away so it would’ve been a hike for just a three day weekend. Since I was home for the weekend, I had access to a kitchen, which is something I still haven’t managed to conveniently get to at school. On the plus side though, I do know where to find a kitchen, I just haven’t really gotten around to baking anything yet. As we all know, a kitchen means cupcakes and on Sunday I made oreo truffle stuffed cupcakes. For those who don’t know, the mystical oreo truffle is just crushed up oreos mixed with cream cheese and rolled into a ball. Pop them in the fridge for a few minutes and they’re all set to be either dipped in chocolate and eaten that way or plopped in the bottom of a cupcake tin and baked into a cake. In theory, the easy way to do the whole crushing oreos thing is to use a food processor, however ours broke a while back, so I just used a giant spoon to crush the oreos and honestly I think it worked just as well.


I mean hey, it’s cheaper than therapy and the results are way more delicious so I’m all for it. After the truffles were made, I whipped up a vanilla cake batter, plunked the truffles in the bottom of the tin, poured batter over them, and baked it all off. Then once they were out of the oven and cooled I gave them a cookies and cream frosting, which is just a basic butter cream with some crushed up oreos thrown in. The recipe I used for the cake batter is right here  and for the rest I didn’t really use a recipe, I just guesstimated my way through it, as usual.

ImageThe cake seemed a bit off to me to be honest, something about the texture didn’t make me too thrilled, but really it was just a vehicle for the truffle and the frosting and it did that job well, so I think it was just a minor detail that probably only bugged me.

My other big accomplishment of the weekend was finishing my friend’s quilt, which I did on Saturday and I’ve got to say, I was pretty pleased with how it came out. I sent it back with my sister and haven’t received any word on whether or not she’s happy with it, so I’m hoping I turned out something that she’ll enjoy, we’ll see. In the mean time though, here’s a picture, although you’ll have to excuse the poor lighting, I was kind of tired by the time I finished it – a combination of working on it, a general lack of sleep, and not having had any coffee that morning I think – so I didn’t have too much patience with fiddling around with lighting and such.

ImageNot the best picture, but it gives you an idea of the size and prints and such. The special secret of this is that it’s in fact not just a quilt, it’s a “quillo”. The story here is that in middle school and high school I was in this club called H.U.G.S., which stands for Handicrafters Unite Giving Security and the idea is to make security blankets for sick children who are in the hospital or going through treatment and such. We made quillos and then donated them to organizations like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Barth Syndrome Foundation, and other similar organizations. A quillo is a quilt but on the back it has a pocket so that you can fold it up and turn it into a pillow, which is really handy. I made one for Andrea for her birthday a while ago and then I made one for myself before coming to college as well. I love them because really it’s the easiest thing to just add a pocket on and it’s really convenient for bringing it places, plus the pocket doubles as a cozy place to stick your feet in when the quillo is in quilt form, so it’s just all kinds of useful.


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