WIWT: The Bus Ride Hat

Ever have one of those days where you just really like what you’re wearing and don’t want to change into pjs at the end of the day because you feel all cute and stuff? I think those days are why bloggers do What I Wore Today posts, and today was one of those days. This outfit was basically conceived entirely based on the fact that I wanted to wear this hat today and as I was getting ready for bed, it just kind of came to me randomly because apparently that’s how my mind works. I liked the outfit though, so I’m not complaining even if it is a little random.


Now let’s talk about this hat I was so eager to wear; the deal is that last weekend I visited Andrea and I took the bus both ways (5 hours, for a total of 10 hours on buses all weekend… that wasn’t so fun, but it was worth it). As you can imagine, I needed something to entertain me, so I decided to use the extra chunky white yarn from the sweater I knit this summer to make a cute slouch hat. It ended up only taking me about 2.5 hours to crochet it, so I still had a lot of bus time to kill but I managed and I love the instant gratification aspect of working with thick yarns, so that was cool. I would have totally worn this hat earlier in the week, but I never got around to tucking in my ends, so finally I took two minutes to do that last night so I could wear my hat.


Another great thing about this hat is that it totally works for a bad hair day/ weird bangs, and I will show you how. So yesterday I decided to braid my bangs for the day like so…


However, when I unbraid my bangs, they’re all kinked and crazy out of control, but I decided to leave my braid in over night and work with the weirdness.


Here are my bangs pre-hat… not so great, but add a hat and all of a sudden the weird texture thing happening here turns into something actually cute.


I liked it anyways. So there you go, using slouchy hats to fix bad hair ftw!


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