Thrift Store Finds

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to visit my lovely sister and co. last weekend and while I was there Andrea and I ventured to a thrift store there which has some really good stuff if you’re willing to dig around for it and of course being a thrift store, the prices are very Broke College Student friendly, which is awesome. I managed to score a cute new t-shirt and a sweatshirt/hoodie/dress type deal which sounds weird, but don’t worry, pictures are coming showing you what the heck I’m talking about! First though I want to talk a little about this t-shirt because I later realized when I was washing it that it kind of really found me in a way… so here it is


The writing next to the girl says “no looking back”, but if you don’t look back (and into a mirror) then you miss the cute bird on the shoulder!


(just for the record, I typically abhor mirror pics, but I wanted  to make sure I got a decent shot of the bird, so I figured it wouldn’t kill me). The really cool thing about this t-shirt though is that it supports and organization called Gabriel House (which is what’s written under “Jedidiah” on the front) and the inside of the back it actually told about their mission and how they got started and everything.


Here’s a link to the Gabriel House website, so I encourage you guys to go and take a minute to read the story because it’s really touching and I think it’s pretty cool that this t-shirt ended up making its way into my hands.

On to the weird sweatshirt/hoodie/dress thing … so yeah, here it is as a dress


However, it can also unzip from the bottom so you can wear it as a cute hoodie over jeans or something. “Or something” is in this case a skirt because that was what I was wearing that day…


Cute and multifunctional, so that’s a score in my opinion!


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