Resin Casting: The Test Run

I’ve been a little busy recently but I’ve still been able to work on some super cute stuffs, the most recent new thing being resin dinosaurs! After making dinosaur crayons I’m always conflicted about not wanting to actually use them because they’re just too cute, so I was thinking about that and if there was a way to make them into something other than just cute crayons that will just gather dust unless I actually use them and it occurred to me that I could make little resin dinosaur charms. I’ve played around with that a bit and lo and behold, I now have a couple of resin dinosaur key chains and charms to make into little dino necklaces if I like too. They are super adorable and actually present another use for my wide variety of nail polishes, which work nicely for coloring the resin. I’m getting pretty psyched to start up my Etsy and I’ve got a nice long weekend coming up because of Columbus day, so hopefully that’ll be really productive because I’m excited to share my cute stuff with the world.


Adorable, no?


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