So Random

A couple of weekends ago when I went home, my mom mentioned that an older woman who goes to our church had given her something to pass on to me when my mom was over helping out with walking her dog the other day. I was naturally pretty curious because we’ve known this woman for a while and she’s definitely the type who has had a long, interesting life and is kind of a collector, so I bet she’s got some interesting things hanging around her house. She’s getting ready to move I think, so she’s been going through some things and when my mom and her were talking , somehow it came up that she had something that she wanted to go to a “good home” and someone who would appreciate it… so maybe it’s not something that most people would find exciting, but being the type to totally geek out about random artsy things, I was totally excited when my mom handed me a box of chalk pastels which were in gorgeous condition. They’re kind of old and stuff too, even though the pastels are like new, you can tell because the box is all aged, which is pretty cool in my opinion. I’m just the type to get excited about art supplies in general, but for some reason old art supplies seem that much more cool. It really is the little things in life sometimes.


There was also this piece of paper in the box telling about the “finest quality pastels”. So cool! (Like I said, I geek out about odd things sometimes. Just go with it)


So there you have it, for those of you who think it’s weird for me to get excited about this, I understand but I feel like somewhere out there are more people who would appreciate something like this, so this post is dedicated to you fine folks.


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