WIWT: I Just Had To…

I’ve seen this look a bit on the internet recently and in some cases it’s pretty cute, so I thought I’d give it a go; it’s the shorts, tights, and high heels combo. Now I know it sounds kind of weird, but I figured why not? Plus it just gives me another way to wear heels, which I love. I’m about 5’5″, so being “tall” for a day is always fun, plus I’m just a sucker for shoes anyways and heels are no exception. So here’s my take on the look:


I personally like it, so I think I might be playing with this look some more in the future. I only had classes today, so it’s not as though dressing cute was really called for, but I’ve reached the conclusion that I actually like putting together an outfit that I enjoy; it makes me feel good and even if it’s just for a casual day of class and homework, I don’t dress for other people anyways, I dress for me so if enjoying my outfit makes me feel good then there’s no reason to not just go for it.


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