The Cutest Fascist Ever

Okay you guys, so I’m going to share a few things with you, but you’ve got to promise you won’t judge me for what I am about to tell you … promise? Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that was a yes. So as many of you lovely folks are probably aware, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and typically I fall into the category of grouchy, Valentine’s Day-despising single girls on this one day of the year. I mean it’s not actually that bad, but you get my point; I don’t do perky on a good day but on a day that’s all about celebrating that “special someone”, I will admit that I do sometimes hate on it. I mean while I am pretty awesome (and super modest too) I’m not perfect, you guys. Well this year I decided to put a positive twist on being single and make my Valentine’s Day into an awesome day celebrating the freedom of single life (cliché and something people just say to make themselves feel better? Maybe a little, but I don’t care because it’s going to be awesome). When I say this, I mean I actually legitimately took time to plan this out too; once I got one idea they just kept coming and now I’ve got a plan that I’m pretty stoked about.

So here it is: I mean basically I’m celebrating the fact that I’m single by looking super cute (I try to look cute on a daily basis anyways, but sometimes I do  just go the jeans and sweater route, especially if I’m tired or something). No slacking on V-Day though, I’m going to pull a shorts and tights look; don’t worry, I checked the weather and it’s supposed to not be too cold to deal with that so I’m going to go ahead and do just that. I also got the idea for a “fascist inspired” outfit, courtesy of one of’s riffs on the Get This Look sections that some magazines do. They’ve got funny ones inspired by things like sandwiches, baked goods, cannibals, and fascists, among other things. Hence the title of this post as well (bonus points for anyone who caught the Gilmore Girls reference). The fascist inspiration is also a weird way of me embracing my anti-romantic side, although I doubt anyone will look at me and be all “oh she looks like a fascist”, but that’s okay I’m doing it for me anyways, I guess I’m just a little selfish like that.

I won’t get out of class until 8, but it’s okay because even though I’ve got to get up ridiculously early (okay, so 5:45 could technically be worse I guess) for work on Friday, I’ve only got one class, so theoretically I can take the night off of doing homework and chill. I’m planning on forgetting for the moment that I’m a semi-poor college student and perhaps doing a small bit of online shopping as a way of celebrating the fact that I can buy my own stuff; I don’t need a whipped boyfriend to do it for me, I’m all self-reliant and stuff! (although just for the record, I’m not trying to bash like relationships or having BFs who buy you stuff, I’m sure that in many cases it’s just a nice gesture and because they want to, not because they’re whipped or anything)

After/during that, I will be consuming a ridiculous amount of chocolate and peanut butter in order to balloon up like a whale and begin my journey towards forever-aloneness…. I mean what, no, I’m totally going to be healthy and like … have a salad. Inspired by this chick, who is now my new hero Then maybe I’ll watch a movie; I’m stuck between something Disney, something sobering and borderline depressing, like Requiem for a Dream (SO GOOD, if you haven’t seen it, go do so. Now.), or just a total slasher flick. Decisions, decisions. While watching said movie though, I will work on some relaxing knitting, in preparation for life as a spinster, although by then I will of course be knitting with yarn spun from the hair shed by my 50 some-odd cats, but you know, I’ve got to start somewhere.

Post movie and spinster prep I will slip into a sugar induced coma and then sooner than I would like to think about even now, wake up for work, which will probably be an exercise in trying to not scare people with death-ray glances and withering glares. For the first time in a while though, I’m excited about Valentine’s Day you guys! (Expect a post with picture documentation of this madness)

The only thing that could make it even better?

A heart-shaped Boston Cream Donut. I happened across a recipe for them and would love ti make them. Alas, I can’t justify buying everything I would need to make these; there would be tons of leftover ingredients and I don’t know that I would be able to use them all up. I mean I could in time, but I can’t be baking 24/7 just to use stuff up, plus somebody would have to eat it all because there’s no way I could do so on my own. Well… I probably could actually, but obviously that would be kind of bad. However, here’s the link to the recipe, so you guys can make them and maybe I can live vicariously through you


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