Valentine’s Day: The Results

Well, my awesome-sauce plans went off pretty well last week, so overall I’ve had worse Valentine’s Days. I mean the whole day was a little bit of a drag just because I was exhausted because of having class all day plus the day before was super long because of getting up early for work and then going to  a Jeff Mangum concert that night. The concert was awesome by the way though, so worth the exhaustion! I took a couple of quick snaps of my outfit, just for funsies; the weather cooperated with me and was sunny so I didn’t freeze, plus I got to wear my aviators, which I think added a little something to the look, so that made me happy. So here it is…



The attitude is just off the charts on the first one, but I secretly kind of like it. Plus that eyebrow raise you guys. I mean I don’t know where it comes from, but it kinda makes me giggle inside =P Moving on though you guys, because food.


Behold, the makings of greatness. Holy cow. So here’s what happened; I’ve systematically been pilfering peanut butter from the dining hall for like the past week because I went through an 18 oz. jar in about 2.5 weeks (yeah, that and an entire thing of oreos as well – no judging!) so I decided that meal plans are expensive enough, I’m allowed to jack some extra peanut butter if I want to. I also had two cookies that I’d gotten that morning because the dining hall cookies are actually semi-decent, which is nice. I broke those up and then put them in with broken up pretzel sticks, peanut m&ms, a Crunch bar, a Twix bar, and some candy kisses. I put in a healthy dollop of peanut butter as well, because come on, why not? Then the whole thing got topped off with whipped cream.


Breathtaking, no? (Incidentally, my most exciting discovery of the week was that our campus convenience store thingy has cans of whipped cream. Win.) I polished off this whole bowl of bountiful stomach ache waiting to happen and of course felt totally disgusting afterward. It was lovely. I unfortunately didn’t get to watch a movie or even catch up on Castle that night because my internet was being ridiculously crummy, but the night wasn’t a total bust, I mean I managed to put probably an entire week’s worth of calories into one bowl and then eat the entire thing, so that’s an accomplishment, right?

Oh, and you guys know how I was all sad about not being able to make heart donuts? Well at work this morning one of the chefs brought in Dunkin’ Donuts for everyone, so I got the donut I’d been craving since last week. I still want to make donuts myself sometime just because, but for now that will hold me over and it kind of made my day. Speaking of things that have recently made my day, I completely forgot to tell you guys about a couple of things that showed up in my life last week; the first was waiting on my door last Monday when I got back from work.


ImageWay too cute, one of my floor mates left one at everyone’s door and yeah, good things.

Then the next day I got a care package from my mom and let me tell you, it is quite lively to open a box up and have this sight greet you.


A box full of coffee and chocolate. I mean what more would I need in life?


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