WIWT: The Bus Ride Hat

Ever have one of those days where you just really like what you’re wearing and don’t want to change into pjs at the end of the day because you feel all cute and stuff? I think those days are why bloggers do What I Wore Today posts, and today was one of those days. This outfit was basically conceived entirely based on the fact that I wanted to wear this hat today and as I was getting ready for bed, it just kind of came to me randomly because apparently that’s how my mind works. I liked the outfit though, so I’m not complaining even if it is a little random.


Now let’s talk about this hat I was so eager to wear; the deal is that last weekend I visited Andrea and I took the bus both ways (5 hours, for a total of 10 hours on buses all weekend… that wasn’t so fun, but it was worth it). As you can imagine, I needed something to entertain me, so I decided to use the extra chunky white yarn from the sweater I knit this summer to make a cute slouch hat. It ended up only taking me about 2.5 hours to crochet it, so I still had a lot of bus time to kill but I managed and I love the instant gratification aspect of working with thick yarns, so that was cool. I would have totally worn this hat earlier in the week, but I never got around to tucking in my ends, so finally I took two minutes to do that last night so I could wear my hat.


Another great thing about this hat is that it totally works for a bad hair day/ weird bangs, and I will show you how. So yesterday I decided to braid my bangs for the day like so…


However, when I unbraid my bangs, they’re all kinked and crazy out of control, but I decided to leave my braid in over night and work with the weirdness.


Here are my bangs pre-hat… not so great, but add a hat and all of a sudden the weird texture thing happening here turns into something actually cute.


I liked it anyways. So there you go, using slouchy hats to fix bad hair ftw!


Just Checking In

So if you’re reading this and have read my blog in the past then you’ll probably have noticed that the format/theme is different, as is the title. I’ve departed from the whole cupcake thing somewhat, so although I’ll still happily bake whenever I get the chance, Castles in the Sky seemed more pertinent because that’s the name I have decided on for my business. The back story is that it is something I’ve kind of carried with me since third grade when I read Little Women. The sisters would sit and talk about their wildest hopes and dreams, fantasizing about futures they knew could never happen but relishing the experience of dreaming about them nonetheless and they called these their castles in the sky. For some reason that’s just kind of stuck with me and it’s a phrase I really like because I think it’s a beautiful way to refer to your hopes and dreams, even when they seem unattainable it’s okay to take them out and admire them and strive for them with everything you got because they just might happen. In a way, this Etsy thing is kind of one of my castles in the sky because I have always been in love with art and with creating and crafting and selling my work and being able to share it with the world has always been this really cool thing that I thought couldn’t realistically happen ever, but  now I’m sort of going for it. I mean I’m in college studying to become an Occupational Therapist, so I’m doing the practical thing that will help me be able to support myself in the future, but if this Etsy thing actually works I see no reason to not do it on the side and turn one of my loves into a small business. So that’s that, there’s my deep story behind my business’ name and such.

Randomosity time; so I was doing homework yesterday around 4 in the prevening and all of a sudden heard a bell and looked out my window to see this happening.


I later learned that it’s Constitution week and people got to call and sign up to ring the bell or something… interesting/ awkward things my school does. I actually didn’t even know this bell existed until this year because you can see it right from my dorm room but hey cool I mean I guess if people wanna ring the bell more power to them, it was just really random to me.

I’ve been crazy busy with homework and tests to study for lately, but I plan on checking in again soon with some stuff I’ve been managing to squeeze in in my nonexistent free time, so be on the lookout for that. Or not, it’s your call 🙂

Improv Cupcakes and Dino Crayons

I finally got to bake my first cupcakes while at college yesterday and it was quite the adventure. Our student center has a kitchen, so when I was packing to come back, I squirreled away just enough flour, cocoa powder, ect., to make some peanut butter brownie cupcakes. If you remember a while back when I made brownies at like 2:30 am with peanut butter and cream cheese swirled in and also without eggs and I think without butter too because we didn’t have any at the time, I basically just translated those into cupcake form and improvised ingredients to make them resemble cupcakes. I jacked some soymilk, butter, and cream cheese from the dining hall and everything else I brought from home in a jar…. The whole set up looked a little something like this.


Just for the record, the peanut butter was totally in  a ziploc baggie in the big jar there … yeah, it was a little odd but sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do. All I had to do was mix everything together and pop them in the oven! I tried to do peanut butter and cream cheese swirled on top like I did for the actual brownies, but it kinda just globbed. Which was still good, although I had some baking time and oven temperature issues with the first batch, so they were a teensy bit dry, but they still tasted surprisingly good, especially considering the fact that I just kind of threw in random amounts of stuff till it looked right. After doing a dozen mini cupcakes I still had some batter left over so I just went ahead and mixed the peanut butter and cream cheese right into that, doing things the lazy way. They still were delicious though, so yay for that. Just a revelation I had today though, that I’ve got to share; eggless batter is a dangerous thing. You can eat it without hearing your mother’s voice in your head warning you of getting salmonella and I probably ate kind of a lot of batter while making these, so be warned, when you’re baking without eggs, the batter sometimes doesn’t go as far as it should.


Since I was already at the student center and I already had the oven on, I decided to go ahead and make a batch of dinosaur crayons too.  For those who don’t know, this is a simple yet awesome stress buster that I just totally love. Now my sister might kill me for this because I’m going to use a picture or two of her so I can give you guys a little dino crayon tutorial (because it’s not like it’s totally simple enough to figure out on your own or anything).

First you obtain a silicone mold and the great thing is they have these in so many different sizes and shapes that depending on your budget, you can really have fun with this. I’ve seen ones that are ice-cube sized in shapes like brains, octopi, hearts, robots, you name it. The ones I got are smaller than that, I think their actual purpose is for making chocolates.


Then you obviously need crayons, a pair of scissors or a knife that you don’t mind getting messy (don’t worry, it should come off with some soap and water anyways), a cutting board if you’re using a knife, and of course an oven. Oh, I also like to have a bowl for my crayon bits because it just keeps them all in one place and such, makes things a bit neater.

Once you’ve got all of your stuff together, take off the crayon labels (and you can recycle these because they are paper so be green here kids) and chop up your crayons. They key here is to chop them pretty finely because they sort of melt down if that makes sense, so the smaller you chop them, the more you will be able to get in your molds.


Andrea, doing a stellar job chopping crayons. Then just fill your molds up and pop them in the oven. I usually set the oven to about 350, just because that’s kind of the universal temperature for life and you can even put them in while it’s preheating, just keep an eye on them until all of your crayons are melted, then pull them out and set them on the counter or in the refrigerator to cool. This is super important because you want them to be completely cooled before you try taking your crayons out, especially if you have delicate parts, otherwise your crayons will be more likely to break. With things like the dinosaurs, I’ve had tails, legs, and even necks break, so patience is the key here. Don’t panic if they do break though, you can just stick them back in the mold, re-melt it in the oven, and voila, your previously decapitated brontosaurus now has a head again!

So that’s it, now you guys know how to make awesome crayons, so go forth and produce awesomeness! Okay, clearly I need a new word, awesome is getting a bit stale. The cool thing about this though is that you can do it with kids (you might want to use safety scissors though and supervise them with the oven obviously, or do that for them), you can do it with friends as a quick way to de-stress during finals or something, or just a a fun way to release your inner child. Or you can think I’m a weirdo and need to grow up and not be fascinated by things like dinosaur crayons, it’s your call really, I just thought I’d share that.


The stegasauri are the only ones who can stand – the brontosauri almost can, but their heads are too big so they kind of tip over on them.


Poor little brontosaurus is too top-heavy to stand up!

In other news, I’m excited to announce that I think my etsy could possibly be up and running sometime within the next few weeks to a month-ish. Or this is just my way of trying to set a deadline for myself, but really I’m getting work done on products and I even have a good name picked out, so now I just need to do things like keep making stuff obviously, set up my page, and get things like shipping supplies so that I’m all ready to set up shop. It’s a pretty exciting prospect to think that this is actually definitely happening, so I’m jazzed about it.

I also might be re-organizing my blog a little to have sections for things like artwork, crafts, and shop-related stuff, so look out for some changes coming up in the future. Because I totally don’t have things like classes, homework, and tests to worry about or anything. Ahh, whatever, I can juggle it all, having a lot on my plate isn’t actually a bad thing all the time.

Back to My Old Tricks

First off, a belated happy Labor Day everybody, it’s always swell to get a random Monday off. Since it was a three day weekend, I went home and my sister was home too, as was Andrew because his family lives farther away so it would’ve been a hike for just a three day weekend. Since I was home for the weekend, I had access to a kitchen, which is something I still haven’t managed to conveniently get to at school. On the plus side though, I do know where to find a kitchen, I just haven’t really gotten around to baking anything yet. As we all know, a kitchen means cupcakes and on Sunday I made oreo truffle stuffed cupcakes. For those who don’t know, the mystical oreo truffle is just crushed up oreos mixed with cream cheese and rolled into a ball. Pop them in the fridge for a few minutes and they’re all set to be either dipped in chocolate and eaten that way or plopped in the bottom of a cupcake tin and baked into a cake. In theory, the easy way to do the whole crushing oreos thing is to use a food processor, however ours broke a while back, so I just used a giant spoon to crush the oreos and honestly I think it worked just as well.


I mean hey, it’s cheaper than therapy and the results are way more delicious so I’m all for it. After the truffles were made, I whipped up a vanilla cake batter, plunked the truffles in the bottom of the tin, poured batter over them, and baked it all off. Then once they were out of the oven and cooled I gave them a cookies and cream frosting, which is just a basic butter cream with some crushed up oreos thrown in. The recipe I used for the cake batter is right here  http://butterheartssugar.blogspot.com/2012/05/pink-ombre-vanilla-cake.html#.UEPM6sFlR6I  and for the rest I didn’t really use a recipe, I just guesstimated my way through it, as usual.

ImageThe cake seemed a bit off to me to be honest, something about the texture didn’t make me too thrilled, but really it was just a vehicle for the truffle and the frosting and it did that job well, so I think it was just a minor detail that probably only bugged me.

My other big accomplishment of the weekend was finishing my friend’s quilt, which I did on Saturday and I’ve got to say, I was pretty pleased with how it came out. I sent it back with my sister and haven’t received any word on whether or not she’s happy with it, so I’m hoping I turned out something that she’ll enjoy, we’ll see. In the mean time though, here’s a picture, although you’ll have to excuse the poor lighting, I was kind of tired by the time I finished it – a combination of working on it, a general lack of sleep, and not having had any coffee that morning I think – so I didn’t have too much patience with fiddling around with lighting and such.

ImageNot the best picture, but it gives you an idea of the size and prints and such. The special secret of this is that it’s in fact not just a quilt, it’s a “quillo”. The story here is that in middle school and high school I was in this club called H.U.G.S., which stands for Handicrafters Unite Giving Security and the idea is to make security blankets for sick children who are in the hospital or going through treatment and such. We made quillos and then donated them to organizations like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Barth Syndrome Foundation, and other similar organizations. A quillo is a quilt but on the back it has a pocket so that you can fold it up and turn it into a pillow, which is really handy. I made one for Andrea for her birthday a while ago and then I made one for myself before coming to college as well. I love them because really it’s the easiest thing to just add a pocket on and it’s really convenient for bringing it places, plus the pocket doubles as a cozy place to stick your feet in when the quillo is in quilt form, so it’s just all kinds of useful.

College Life Again

As of Saturday I am all moved in to my dorm room and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty nice. On one hand it stinks that my room mate isn’t going to be coming back, but if we had to fit two people in this room it would get a little cramped. I took apart the other bed and moved everything around so it’s nice and open now so it’s a good setup. It looks like the dining hall situation here hasn’t changed a bit though, which is unfortunate. It’s nice to know that my school still hasn’t figured out the proper size for a coffee cup. Here’s a hint, if it takes five of your cups to equal one of mine, they are too small. I mean maybe that’s a teensy bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, they are ridiculously tiny and even though I am a total coffee fiend, that’s still a true statement, I have people who will back me up on that one.

Being back at school is also completely different from living with my sister over the summer just because of where I am. I mean technically I think we were in a city this summer, but it was a very chill, hippie-ish place where you could walk around barefoot and not get a second glance, which is what I did the majority of the time. Now I’m back in a “real” city where it’s unusual to not hear sirens every couple hours and bare feet are kind of frowned upon and it’s weird having to put shoes on to go anywhere when I was used to not doing that.

Need to find the kitchen in this place too.

On Sunday I actually got a pretty early start because I had a little trouble sleeping, so I ended up getting up around 9:30, but then I remembered that my school’s one and only dining hall doesn’t even open until 10:30 on the weekends. Oh joy. That was a fun time twiddling my thumbs for an hour waiting to get food. After food happened I was straightening up some of my things, getting ready to be productive when I stumbled across some old pyramid studs I had taken off of various things and stashed for later use and I thought they would look pretty nifty on the pair of bright blue shorts I wore the day before so I spent a minute or two embellishing and lo and behold, an already cute pair of shorts became even cuter!


One good thing about being back is that I’d forgotten that the chocolate chip cookies in the dining hall are actually really good, which is weird because everything else is kind of atrocious. I indulged a little at lunch yesterday though by making an ice cream sandwich with a couple of cookies. I felt totally judged by the chick behind me when I was putting a scoop of ice cream on top of a cookie, but then I realized she was doing the exact same thing. Great minds think alike. I figure it’s okay too because I haven’t made cupcakes since before I left, plus I’ve been eating pretty well, mainly because there really isn’t much to actually eat, so it’s been a lot of coffee and bagels, which might not sound good, but for me it’s better than my very attractive habit of stress eating loads of junk food, so it’s not too bad really.

After today I’ve officially had all of my classes and some seem better than others, which is pretty standard, so no surprise there. Anatomy and Physiology lab seems like it’ll be interesting in particular (that one’s sticking in my mind because I ended my day with it today). My lab partner and the girls we’re at a table with are pretty cool, although we didn’t really know what was going on most of the time, so that was interesting. Maybe not really a good thing, but it was amusing at least so it wasn’t a boring class. The one thing that worries me is that we’re going to have to dissect a cat later in the semester and for all the tough talking I do, I’m not sure how well that’s going to go over. I opted out of dissecting a fetal pig in high school and we used sheep’s blood in part of our lab today and that skeeved me out a bit, so we’ll see. It’s just one of those things I’ve got to do though, so I’ll suck it up and deal I guess.

I’ve also been getting some work done on my stuff for Etsy, so get excited for that kids because it’s gonna be awesome. I mean I’ve been swamped with work already but the nice thing about working small is that I can still turn out some products even with only having an hour here and there to work, so that’s pretty cool. I still need a name for my business though and for some reason I’m just not getting anything. I’ve had a couple of ideas but I’m just not really feeling them, so I’ve got to get that figured out, but other than that I’m feeling pretty good about this whole thing.


One of my little books in progress. Yeah, I took an action shot because I’m cool like that.

Anyhow, not really anything ground breaking going on at the moment, but I just wanted to check in because I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or anything, so that’s what’s up and hopefully I’ll have some cupcakes and more Etsy news to share with you guys soon. Until then, laters.

Packing. ‘Nuff Said.

I don’t know about you guys but for some reason packing always seems to take me way too long. I move into my new dorm room tomorrow so naturally I spent all day packing because I’m a smart cookie and left it all for the last minute. I mean technically if I had just started packing and worked right through until I was done it wouldn’t have literally taken me all day but I stopped to help my mom make these awesome pretzel things that I’ll tell you guys more about in a minute, then I stopped to work on the quilt a little more, then I kind of crashed for a while late in the afternoon or, to use a term from Sheldon Cooper, “prevening” … sorry, I just had to, The Big Bang Theory is an awesome show and Sheldon is just a gem. Anyways, for some reason I was really drained so I took a break again and yeah, one way or another I ended up not finishing until around 8pm I think. Plus I’m not technically finished because there are always those things like pajamas and deodorant and stuff that you can’t pack until the morning, but that’s not a big deal.

Those pretzels that I mentioned earlier were totally worth the delay in packing; my mom found this recipe for these pretzels with peanut butter filling stuff in between two pretzels and the whole thing got dipped in chocolate. So good. She also made banana chocolate chip bread because we had some bananas hanging around that were a little over ripe and therefore perfect for banana bread so I’ve got some good stuff to bring back to school with me. Due to the overly long and inordinately tiring nature of today I kind of didn’t do cupcakes, plus it seemed like overkill since my mom and I made the pretzels and she made bread so that just didn’t happen. I’m not sure when I’ll get to bake next but as I said the other night when I was talking about going back to school and stuff, I’ll still post and find something to blab about to the internet, so we’ll see how all this goes I guess. For now until my next post I’ll leave you guys with a picture of some teensy little books I made a while ago, a little teaser for what’s to come once I get my Etsy figured out and up and running.


The Pixie Cut

I finally got my hair cut today which I was super jazzed about because I haven’t gotten it cut since the start of summer and it just got way too long for my liking (although keep in mind that I keep my hair short, so my “way too long” is very relative). Even so, it’s all a matter of personal preference and I prefer for my hair to stay super short, so I’m so happy for it to be nice and short again. I always especially love the feeling of the back of my head because the woman who cuts my hair takes it way short back there and it gets really soft which is cool. Anyways, I won’t obsess about my hair any more, I’ll move on to baked goods. Not only did I bake the usual cupcakes, I also made pretzel buns today, which were simply awesome. It’s another recipe from Yammie’s Noshery and I’m seriously beginning to want to be bffs with this girl because her stuff is just consistently really really good.


I mean come on, how good do those look? We had them for dinner with egg salad on them and honestly I’m not really a fan of eggs, but my mom threw together some good egg salad and the combination – plus a slice of cheese just because cheese makes almost anything better – was quite tasty. Here’s the recipe and you guys seriously need to go try these right now …. Well okay maybe not right now because it’s kind of late, although if you’re like me midnight baking is actually a thing that happens sometimes. Anyways, the recipe, here it is http://www.yammiesnoshery.com/2012/05/pretzel-buns.html .

Today’s cupcakes were “Caramel Macchiato” cupcakes, which were a coffee cupcake topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. I kind of cheated on the caramel sauce because I didn’t feel like making it from scratch and we had some in a jar in the fridge, so I used that instead but other than that and leaving out the Kahlua because we just don’t have any I stuck to the recipe this time, so here it is http://mybutteryfingers.blogspot.com/2010/04/caramel-macchiato-cupcakes.html. Actually that might be a lie, I might have messed with the batter a bit, I can’t remember now … eh whatever, it’s not that important. I made a booboo though when I was baking off the cupcakes; I checked them and they needed maybe another minute and a half to two minutes but then I got distracted and forgot about them so they kind of ended up baking for about six or seven more minutes, which is a big difference when you’re talking cupcakes, especially mini cupcakes, so they came out a little dry. Okay, more than a little, but at least they still tasted good. They looked really good too.


The caramel probably didn’t have to be dripping over the sides quite so messily, but I think it looks really delicious and inviting like that, so I did it on purpose. I mean what’s life without a little mess once in a while, right?

It’s a Small World After All

In a couple of days I’ll be moving into my new dorm room and beginning my second year of college, so I’ve been sort of getting ready for that and making sure I’ve got everything I need and in light of that I’ve got a couple of announcements to make. One of them is that I will not be baking cupcakes every day once I start school again. I was originally planning on continuing with the cupcakes every day thing, but since I’m really going to be juggling a lot of things, it just isn’t realistic to expect to bake cupcakes every day. Having said that, I will keep baking because I love baking and I’d still like to reach the 365 cupcake mark eventually, I just really thought about the situation and realized that it just isn’t feasible to hold myself to baking cupcakes every single day when I’m also going to be handling a packed semester of classes, a job, transferring schools, or at least preparing to do so should I still want to make that choice after this semester is over, and starting/running a small business. Which brings me to my second announcement, which is that I am in the process of starting a shop on Etsy selling a variety of tiny things, hence the title of this post. I still actually have no idea what I’m going to call my business, but I’ve decided that I want to try this thing out because I love crafting and I have always had a penchant for all things little and cute and I like to make things in miniature so if I can translate that into something marketable then that would be awesome. I’ve decided to prioritize this over cupcake baking because while I do enjoy baking and it is a good stress reliever, it’s not practical to have a bunch of cupcakes hanging around in my dorm room waiting to be binged on in times of stress. It’s much more healthy to relieve my stress through things like crafts and this is also something that I could potentially make a little bit of extra money off of, which would really be helpful with the whole college thing. Textbooks aren’t cheap. If I cut out cupcakes every day then I will also be able to devote more time to art, which is really a  priority to me since if I transfer I also want to pick up an art minor and since I haven’t been able to fit any art classes into my schedule at my current college, I haven’t taken any art classes since high school, so I want to get back into the habit of spending a lot more time on art. I’m still going to continue blogging though, just because it’s something that I actually really like and as I said, I’m not going to completely drop the cupcake thing either, so I’ll blog about cupcakes when I bake and then maybe share some thoughts on my foray into the world of Etsy and such.Today my mom and I did some shopping and picked up some supplies that I’ll need for my business and we’ve been talking it over in the past couple of days as well, so I feel like I have a much more solid grasp on this whole thing and my mom can show me the ropes with Etsy since she has her own shop. She actually went to school for art, worked as an artist, made jewelry for a while, and is now getting back into other forms of artistic expression and you all should totally check out her Etsy, her business is called Indigo Hare.

Anyways, so we picked up some stuff for my business which was kind of exciting and then we did some back to school stuff as well because I needed some new jeans, among other things. Now let’s just talk about shopping for jeans for a sec here because I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate it. I mean for one thing, sizing is ridiculously inconsistent between brands, and for another, I tend to be pretty picky about my jeans so of it’s just a pain in the neck finding stuff. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the whole “jeggings” thing. I can’t even…. I mean adding a zipper, belt loops and fake pockets to leggings does not make it acceptable to wear them as pants, it’s just not okay. I won’t rant though, I’ll just move on from the jeggings thing … Although really, jeggings?? What a ridiculous name! Okay, I”m done for real this time. Jeans shopping actually was fairly untraumatic this time around and I ended up scoring a pair of purple plaid skinny jeans (oh yeah, be jealous) and a pair of ridiculously flared jeans, which I love way more than I should. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a total sucker for flared jeans. I swear, I should’ve been around in the 60s/70s, I would’ve been all over that whole bell bottoms thing. I got some cute yoga pants too because my comfy pants are all baggy sweatpants which are really comfortable but also make me look like a slob whereas yoga pants are comfy and acceptable to wear around other people. I mean I’m not going to just start wearing yoga pants around for life or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of non-slob sweatpants. The most exciting thing I scored today though was a Skippyjon Jones backpack. It’s smaller than your standard backpack because I’m pretty sure it’s for kids or something but I don’t care and it’s actually perfect for my laptop and my sketchbook.


So cute! Plus it was only five bucks and the money went to charity so I couldn’t say no. I also have a bit of an emotional connection to Skippyjon Jones because as part of this program I was in during my senior year of high school, I interned at Wildwood School, which is a school in the area for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities and I remember in one of the classrooms I interned in we read a Skippyjon Jones book during speech therapy once, so this just kind of brings back a lot of good memories of my time at Wildwood.

Now on to cupcakes. Today’s were another recipe from Yammie’s Noshery that my mom found and here’s the link http://www.yammiesnoshery.com/2011/10/secretly-healthy-chocolate-peanut.html . They’re “Secretly Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes”, which got a pretty skeptical reaction from my friend Yillian when I was talking on the phone with her earlier and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical as well. I mean part of the reason we get along so well is that besides our almost constant stream of sarcasm, we also share a dislike of anything healthy, although that’s been changing for me a bit this summer, as evidenced by that fact that I actually eat vegetables now and sometimes even like them. I also drink water almost half as much as I drink coffee, which is quite the breakthrough for me, but I digress. I figured I’d give these cupcakes a shot because the other recipes I’ve tried from this girl’s blog have turned out really well so by now I trust in the fact that she knows what she’s doing and indeed she does because these were another hit. The cake was made with no butter or oil and with whole wheat flour, as well as applesauce and some shredded zucchini and it came out really good, the cupcakes were really moist, which is always a plus in my book. The frosting was just awesome too, I mean how can you possibly go wrong with a chocolate peanut butter frosting? Oh that’s right, you can’t. Good stuff.


I Just Felt Like Being Cute Today

So I went ahead and was! I mean not all day or anything, I got some work done, I was just cute with cupcakes because I made mini cupcakes and I dug out my ruffled pink apron that I made last summer to wear while I was baking. I’ll have to take a picture of this thing for you guys at some point because it’s kind of ridiculous actually. Anyways, I also for the first time tried baking cupcakes in our toaster oven and it worked out well, I didn’t have to turn on the big oven, I just popped in the pan of mini cupcakes and ten minutes later they were done.


I don’t know why I didn’t try this before, I mean it’s kind of just a miniature oven so it’s not like it wouldn’t have worked, I guess I just didn’t really think of it. The cupcakes were oatmeal and chocolate chip cupcakes (with adorable mini chocolate chips of course) with cinnamon in them as well and they got a brown sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chip frosting (http://www.howsweeteats.com/2012/01/chocolate-chip-oatmeal-cupcakes-with-cinnamon-sugared-chip-frosting/ ). The cupcakes were a bit more muffin-esque than like actual cupcakes, which I think was mainly due to the oatmeal but then once they got frosted they were definitely cupcakes.


They’re a bit of a hot mess, but they were so good!

The Empty Nest

Not exactly, we just brought Andrea back to school today so it’s emptier than it has been this past week what with the both of us being home. I wanted to bring some cupcakes back to share with Andrea’s housemates too because they put up with me all summer and are just awesome and deserve cupcakes anyways, so I tried to cater to their tastes a little by working in peanut butter because I know that always goes over well at the house. The cupcakes were honey peanut cupcakes with a honey cream cheese frosting and I just tweaked the recipe a little bit by adding a couple of healthy sized tablespoons of peanut butter to the batter. I mean really what could go wrong with that? Here’s the recipe then http://cupcakeblog.com/?p=103 and a picture of a couple of the cupcakes.


I particularly liked how the frosting came out because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for cream cheese frosting but with the honey part I was worried it might be a bit sweet, but it actually worked out really well and the cream cheese didn’t overpower the honey either, it kind of brought out a little bit of tartness, which was really interesting. I feel like I might have had something more to talk about in this post, but my mind is blank right now, so I’ll just keep it short and sweet tonight and come back with more cupcakes tomorrow.