Just Checking In

So if you’re reading this and have read my blog in the past then you’ll probably have noticed that the format/theme is different, as is the title. I’ve departed from the whole cupcake thing somewhat, so although I’ll still happily bake whenever I get the chance, Castles in the Sky seemed more pertinent because that’s the name I have decided on for my business. The back story is that it is something I’ve kind of carried with me since third grade when I read Little Women. The sisters would sit and talk about their wildest hopes and dreams, fantasizing about futures they knew could never happen but relishing the experience of dreaming about them nonetheless and they called these their castles in the sky. For some reason that’s just kind of stuck with me and it’s a phrase I really like because I think it’s a beautiful way to refer to your hopes and dreams, even when they seem unattainable it’s okay to take them out and admire them and strive for them with everything you got because they just might happen. In a way, this Etsy thing is kind of one of my castles in the sky because I have always been in love with art and with creating and crafting and selling my work and being able to share it with the world has always been this really cool thing that I thought couldn’t realistically happen ever, but  now I’m sort of going for it. I mean I’m in college studying to become an Occupational Therapist, so I’m doing the practical thing that will help me be able to support myself in the future, but if this Etsy thing actually works I see no reason to not do it on the side and turn one of my loves into a small business. So that’s that, there’s my deep story behind my business’ name and such.

Randomosity time; so I was doing homework yesterday around 4 in the prevening and all of a sudden heard a bell and looked out my window to see this happening.


I later learned that it’s Constitution week and people got to call and sign up to ring the bell or something… interesting/ awkward things my school does. I actually didn’t even know this bell existed until this year because you can see it right from my dorm room but hey cool I mean I guess if people wanna ring the bell more power to them, it was just really random to me.

I’ve been crazy busy with homework and tests to study for lately, but I plan on checking in again soon with some stuff I’ve been managing to squeeze in in my nonexistent free time, so be on the lookout for that. Or not, it’s your call 🙂


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